Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Easter potatoes

The kids and I made, quite possibly, the easiest Easter-themed craft yesterday. I'm sharing it with you because it's cheap, easy, fun and kids of all ages can do it.

We decorated our Easter eggs first and decided to add this quick project because our kitchen table was already covered in newspaper and the kids were covered in egg dye. "Why not add more messy fun to the mix?" I said.

All you need is a potato, some paper, paintbrushes and paint (I recommend a non-toxic tempera paint for little kids).

Just cut a potato in half. A potato of any size or type will do.

Squeeze some paint onto a paper plate or dish.

Give each kid a paint brush and let them do their thing :) Polka dots and stripes are easy. 

You could also try a tie-dye effect, faces or designs. Or  adults could carve their potatoes (see Pinterest for ideas) with a small knife or pumpkin carving tool to create more detailed prints.

Chloe enjoyed painting the outside of her potato too :)

Liam's first potato print. Testing it out.

Making a whole bunch of them.

And hand-printing a bit.

They used up all of the paint I gave them.

And here are the results -

We let them dry, then cut out our favorite ones to send to family as Easter cards -

And a photo of the Easter eggs we dyed. We did shimmery ones this year -

If anyone else tries this out please share a photo of them in the comments section below.
We'd love to see them!

And some prior Easter crafts I've done with my kids:

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