Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bustling around

Just a few things that made me smile over the last week and a half...

Both kids napping at the same time!!
That's Chloe's monitor on the left and Liam's video monitor on the right.

My niece playing softball. She made it to first base on this hit, 
then scored a run later on.

My nephew playing in a jazz concert at Fountain Park
And Liam dancing to the tunes.

Chloe's first trip to the Farmers Market.

These beauties at the market.

A polka band consisting of high school boys.
(I wonder if they'd play in our backyard for cheap?)

Liam playing outside in some dinosaur underwear. 
Attempting to potty train.

Out for a family walk. A quadruple selfie. Sorry Chloe, can't really see you.

A few love notes from my hubbie left around the house :)


Monday, July 21, 2014

Seven years in Duet

Matt and I were married seven years ago today. 
Every day I'm thankful to have him by my side.
I look forward to seven more years. 
And seven more after that...

A few photos from the day we vowed to each other "hey, I want to wake up next
to you every day for the rest of my life!" :

Sweet Caroline, you were only seven years old in this photo!




Matt wrote me a sweet little letter, which I read before the ceremony.

Both my mom and Matt's mom had daisies in their wedding bouquets,
so I thought it'd be cool to have some daisies in mine too :)


My mom walked me down the aisle (since my dad was gone already).
I love you mom.

Together. Forever.

Our wedding party.

We gave all of our guests a tree sapling as a gift. 
Many people still have these trees growing in their yards to this day!

This is a good photo to post to represent the 'end' of the reception...

It feels like this was just yesterday...
I love you Matt!

All photos were taken by Lindsey Van Roy Photography

Thursday, July 17, 2014

This is going to go right to my butt-erscotch

I have a sweet tooth.

I always have and always will.

Even though my mouth has been messed up for the last 5 years (nerve damage resulting in no feeling or taste in half of my tongue + daily pain & sensitivity in my gums) I haven't let it stop me from enjoying the daily occasional ice cream or brownies or pie.

My butt does not need these sweets. Nor do my thighs. But we only live once, right?

So when I saw a photo of these Butterscotch Fluffernutter Krispy Bars on Pinterest a while back I thought to myself OH     MY    GOSH. 

I love peanut butter.
I love marshmallows.
I love butterscotch.
I love rice crispy treats.
This recipe has ALL FOUR of these in ONE dessert!!

So I pinned it and stuck it under my ever-growing "Yummy Food - Sweets" board and came across it yesterday. 

Julie from the Table For Two blog gets all of the credit for this one. She's a food blogger that continually posts the most delicious recipes, both savory and sweet.

Here's a direct link to the recipe for this dessert: Butterscotch Fluffernutter Krispy Bars

I normally don't blog about food, but how could I not share this dessert with you all!

It's really easy and so so so so so so so so yummy. 

You basically take pre-made peanut butter cookie dough and bake it in a pan...

...then you melt a layer of marshmallows on top of that (easy)...

...and then you top it with a butterscotchy/gooey/krispy layer (also really easy).

Here's a piece of it.

And another.
 Are you drooling yet?

Thank you, Julie, for the yummy recipe.

I have to go now...a piece of this is calling my name...

Monday, July 14, 2014

Pack, unpack, pack again

Happy belated 4th of July! 

We stayed in Sheboygan for the 4th of July parade and fireworks. Liam loved the fireworks. Chloe, not so much. We then headed up north to our cabin on Saturday to celebrate with family. We participated in the Annual Richter Lake Pontoon Boat Parade, had some campfires, rode on the 4-wheelers, played with the kids, and ate way too much. 

We arrived back home on Wednesday and unpacked our stuff for two days. Then packed up again and headed to Matt's parents' house this past Saturday and Sunday. Matt's mom made a delicious dinner, we watched a movie and then attended a family reunion on Sunday. 

Here are a few quick photos of things that made me smile:

Liam saying "mmmm" "mmmm" "mmmm" while eating sorbet at our favorite
local ice cream shop, South Pier Parlor.

Seeing the coolest VW camper van in the 4th of July parade.
Matt and I are bound and determined to own one of these some day :)

Liam taking in the sights and sounds of the parade.

A four-hour ride to our cabin, which was much more enjoyable with my niece Caroline
along for the ride. She sat in the back with Liam and Chloe and was a huge help. Thank you C!

Our sweet Chloe sticking her tongue out.

Liam squirting water into the lake, over and over and over again. This little
boy loves the outdoors so much. I'm glad he enjoys being at our cabin and doesn't
mind running around in just a shirt.

Liam getting sleepy and then dozing off on me. He rarely sleeps in my arms anymore,
so I'm going to enjoy any chance I can get with this little man.

No explanation for why this made me smile :)

The kiddos' feet. I love em.

A ten minute break by the lake at the cabin (while the kids were napping/before it started to rain/before the bugs decided to try and eat me as their afternoon snack). 
It's not an appropriate trip to the cabin unless you have a bloody mary (or two or three).

Two loaves of bread that I made in one day :)
A homemade banana bread and flax beer bread.

Liam enjoying a lemonade pop that he made with his Nana.

Chloe being held by her 96 year-old Great Grandma Bremser at the family
reunion this past weekend. Priceless.