Monday, May 11, 2015


My friend Erin is pregnant and expecting her third baby girl soon. So the Crafty Club ladies and I decided to 'surprise' her with homemade baby/mama gifts at our last Crafty Club night! My friend Sarah who hosted last month's festivities still planned a regular craft for us to do (see the last photo) but then we surprised Erin with pink food & drinks and our homemade gifts :)

There were lots of things I wanted to make for her, but most of them involved sewing. And sewing isn't an option for me right now because a) I lack skills in the sewing department and b) it would have taken me forever just to sew one straight line. So I wanted to make something that was pretty, quite simple and didn't involve sawing or sewing anything!

I perused Pinterest and decided to make some girly headbands for the new baby. There are a ton of DIY headband ideas out there. I looked at hundreds of ideas, went and bought some supplies and then 'winged it' as I went along. I made three of them. Here they are:

Here's a list of supplies I used between the 3 of them:
Scissors, pencil
A hot glue gun + glue sticks
1 pink & 1 green 9x12in sheet of felt
Assortment of buttons
Grey stretchy cotton fabric
Pink ruffle trim

Here's the first one I made. I used felt/ruffle ribbon/button/elastic band:

The underside of these are going to be up against a precious little baby's noggin, 
so I fastened a soft circle of felt on each one.

Here's the second one. 
I used the grey stretchy fabric to make the band/aqua gauzy fabric/both colors of ruffle trim:

And the third one. I used buttons/both colors of felt/elastic band:

I hope Erin and future Baby E enjoy these :)

Here are a few photos of the pink food we all brought along & surprised her with:

And this is the craft we did that evening. Sarah printed photos of our children (which we sent to her via email ahead of time) onto fabric. We then embroidered colorful accents on them (like a bow tie or hair bow or flower). Mine are not finished yet, but I'll share some photos once I'm done.

I'd love to make more of these headbands. I'm planning on making some for Chloe when I find the time. If you're interested in one, two, or all three of these, send me a message & make me an offer :)

Friday, May 1, 2015

Somebunny is one

I haven't blogged in almost a month. Yikes!

We've been pretty busy around here. 

It's finally nice(ish) outside so we've been raking stuff out of our flower beds, trimming trees, getting deck furniture out, etc. Getting outside as much as we can with the kiddos - walking to the parks, swinging on swings, kicking the soccer ball around. etc. 

We've been busy hosting family and friends at our house for numerous events. And along with the hosting comes the planning, organizing, grocery shopping and cleaning. We hosted Liam's birthday party at end of February. Then in March/April I hosted Crafty Club, we had Chloe's birthday party, we hosted Gourmet Club and Matt had guys over for Craftsmen club. We also took a trip to Wisconsin Dells and are heading to northern Wisconsin soon for my uncle's funeral (rest in peace, uncle Ron).

So there's been a lot of things keeping us busy. 

I'm grateful to be busy though. I'm not complaining. I'm sticking to my motto (especially when I'm feeling stressed about hosting/planning so many things) that I'd rather be busy than bored.

We had Chloe's First Birthday party at our house early in April. We invited our immediate families and it was bunny themed. Here are some photos from her birthday and birthday party:

The day of Chloe's birthday -

1) playing in her jammies
2) birthday breakfast (cheese and peas)
3) making a kissy-face while out for dinner
4) riding on her new Rody horse

What's a first birthday without mom taking a hundred photos...

Oh how I love these little feet...

In the afternoon we went bowling. I don't think Chloe had a spectacular time, but she sat nicely while Liam, Matt and I bowled. This was Liam's first time bowling, and Matt and I haven't bowled in about 4-5 years.

1) Liam the rock star, bowling at 4.9 mph
2) Chloe clapping at us
3) getting tips from dad
4) our scores (let me remind you, we haven't bowling in a long time)

That evening we sang to The Chloester...

...and she thoroughly enjoyed her very first cupcake!

The day of her birthday party -

We had people over for brunch, a bloody mary bar/mimosas, gift opening and cake.

It was bunny themed.

Baby bunnies anyone?

Bunny food? (individual veggies + dip cups)

I made her a little bunny cake. The fuzzy tail was my favorite part :)

And she opened her plentiful amount of gifts.

Got a cool sun hat...

Had fun with her family...

...and got to eat another "first cupcake"!

So dainty...licking each finger

Our sweet little one-year-old!

We also celebrated with her cousins when we were in Wisconsin Dells.
Yet another cupcake!

My gosh...she's almost 13 months old already...

We love you Chloe!


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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Happy Birthday Chloe

Happy 1st Birthday to our SWEET, SMART and FEISTY little peanut Chloe!

I can't believe it's already been a year since we welcomed her with loving arms and hearts.

Every day with her is a blessing and an adventure!

Here are the monthly photos I took of her:

And the Birthday Interview:

What is your name? Chloe Elise Bremser

How old are you?  1 year

Where do you live? In Sheboygan. 

What is your favorite color? Not sure yet...

What is your favorite animal? Bunny

What is your favorite food? Mom's milk, vegetables (carrots, green beans, peas), kidney beans, puffs and mum mums

What is your favorite toy? Minnie Mouse, shape sorter

What is your favorite song? Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

What is your favorite book? 5 Silly Monkeys

What is your favorite TV show? ---

Who is your best friend? Mom of course!

What makes you happy? Drinking milk, eating finger foods, being held, playing with Liam, being outside

What makes you sad? When Liam tackles you or pokes you, when you're alone

What do you like to do indoors? Crawl everywhere, stand, play with Liam, nap, eat snacks, listen to music

What do you like to do outdoors? Go for walks in the stroller, listen to the birds, swing on the swing set

What do you want to be when you grow up? A kind, loving person

Stay tuned for photos of cupcake eating, gift opening and birthday partying...

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Weekend 2015

This past Easter weekend was busy but fun-filled, especially for the kids.

The weekend really seemed to start on Thursday and Friday because my niece came over and helped me with the kids! As a 'thank you' for her help I took her to see 'Insurgent' at the theater on Friday evening.

Then we traveled to my mom's on Saturday and spent the evening and Sunday morning at her house with my brothers and their kids. 

On Sunday afternoon we visited Matt's grandmother at her apartment and then headed to my in-laws house for dinner.

I will let the photos do the talking!

Liam and my niece Caroline decorating eggs.

Liam and his cousins playing in my mom's yard.

Rylan and Liam's new Plasma Cars.

Chloe and Hudson all decked out in their Wisconsin Badgers gear.
(that's my awesome grandma holding Chloe)

Easter morning.

In search of their baskets. Liam found his under a piano bench.

Chloe checking out her basket.

My cute little bunny.

Afternoon Easter egg hunt in my mom's yard.

...and it's in the mouth.

Isabella cracking open her eggs.

 My mom with all 7 of her grand kids (and my grandma).

Visiting Matt's grandma. Chloe loved pushing grandma's walker around!

And another egg hunt at Matt's parent's house.

Looking for eggs with his Nana.

I hope you all had a peaceful weekend.