Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Birthday boy

We celebrated Liam's 1st birthday this past Saturday. Around 35 family members and friends stopped by our home to share in Liam's big day. Everyone talked, enjoyed drinks and ate a big Italian dinner. Then Liam was spoiled by, what seemed like, a never-ending pile of gifts (lucky little boy)! We sang to him and he enjoyed a gooey cupcake. 

I will let these photos tell the story:

The birthday boy!

I feel so lucky to be his mom.

I love these two guys SO much.

The party was owl themed. I used a lot owl stuff that Liam already had
 for decorations (stuffed owl banner, felt owl picture, owl light, etc)

Our living room, decorated and ready for a party.

I made an owl cake for Liam, made with cupcakes.

Pretzel rod twigs, chocolate wafer cookie feathers and brows, gummy ring eyes.

Liam's party hat.
Family time.

Starting to open gifts.

One lucky boy.

One "1" candle for Liam (and a small white one in memory of my dad's birthday 4 days before)

Being sung to.

A little taste.

Another taste.


The next morning, playing with his cousins Bella & Rylan.
I love when kids are in their jammies!

Things that made me smile last week:

All three of us uncontrollably giggling at the same time

I relaxed while I got my hair cut and colored

 I got some much needed organization done around the house

We celebrated Liam's first birthday -- lots of things to smile about today!

Liam and I played in the snow

Spent time with some family that I haven't seen in a while

Had fun playing with all of Liam's new toys

 Have a nice week everyone! Stay safe in the snow, if you have snow :)

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