Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow exhausted

I don't know how much snow everyone else got last night, but we woke up this morning with a RIDICULOUS amount of snow outside! The weather person said "you should expect about 2-3 inches in Sheboygan." It ended up being more like FIVE times that amount. 

The weather person needs to look for a new job.

And the best part (sarcasm) is that our snow blower isn't big enough to blow such a crazy amount of snow. So we had to shovel our driveway, turnaround and sidewalks the old fashioned way. Luckily Matt's mom stayed at our house last night, so she watched Liam inside and I could help Matt shovel. And our AWESOME neighbors came over to help as well! 

The edge of our driveway

Standing on our sidewalk, looking south

Looking down our driveway towards the street

Matt laying beneath a 'snow wave' in our neighbor's driveway

Utterly exhausted

How many inches of snow did everyone else have?
Be safe out there :)

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