Monday, March 4, 2013

Plop. Plop. Plop.

We are so thankful for the toys and books and clothes that Liam received last weekend at his birthday party. So this weekend we worked on the thank yous that we'll send to our families in the mail.

I know that Liam is really young yet and has no clue that we're sending out thank yous, but I still thought it'd be cool to involve him in the process. They're never too young to learn about appreciation, right?

We have a huge pack of blank note cards that we've been using for thank yous, birthday cards, etc. for the past couple of years. They work great for any kind of note or card because you can decorate the front of them any way you want.

I taped them all to Liam's little art table so he had a clean canvass to color on. Then I gave him a bunch of his washable crayons and he went to town.

Liam loving the BOX to his new crayons.

Testing them out.

Progress! Oh wait....he found the hole in the middle of the table...

He colored for a while, with some help from his mom. Then he discovered a hole in the middle of the table. Hi attention immediately switched to the hole. Each crayon, one by one, was dropped through the hole and onto the ground beneath the table. Then he would crawl under the table, pick up the crayons, and plop them, one by one, into the hole again! 

Plop. Plop. Plop. 

Okay...back to coloring. Almost done.

The finished product.

What a little artist we have on our hands already. His mama is pretty proud :)

So...last night Matt and I went to see the Pentatonix at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee. They're an extremely talented, instrument-free a cappella group. They won season 3 on the TV show the Sing Off. I need to promote them a little bit because I just think they're so good. Here's a link to their music. Please check them out:

A photo from last night

Things that made me smile this week:

I got to take a nice nap during the day

Matt made his famous potato-leek soup for dinner

I got some good exercise shoveling snow

We enjoyed the beautiful snow-covered scenery outside

Liam's face lit up when Matt got home from a two-night work trip

We went to our local winter farmers' market

I got to go on a date with Matt - dinner and a concert!

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