Monday, March 11, 2013

No TV Tuesdays

I rarely watch TV during the day. Occasionally I'll watch fifteen minutes of Sesame Street or Clifford the Big Red Dog with Liam. And sometimes I'll catch a bit of something on MSNBC or E! while Liam is napping.

I'm more of a music girl during the day. I'll play iTunes or Pandora or the music channels through our cable. Or I'll pop some vinyl onto our record player. Liam and I like to dance around the house a lot.

Night time is a different story.

By the time we get Liam to bed, usually around 8 pm, it's already dark outside and we're so wiped out from the day. The TV and couch just call our names...." know you just want to plop your butts down instead of exercise or read books."

This is what our TV schedule looks like during the week:

Sunday - The Walking Dead
Monday - The Bachelor and Castle
Tuesday - usually something on the Food Network or E!
Wednesday - American Idol
Thursday - Scandal
Friday - (I record Fashion Police and watch it while nursing Liam sometime the following week)
Saturday - we often rent a movie on Saturday nights

It's creepy, but we're obsessed with The Walking Dead...
...and we LOVE Scandal on Thursday nights!
How hot is this photo?

I'm not proud that we watch TV pretty much every night. But I guess because we really only watch ONE show per night, that's not too bad, right?

The shows that we do watch we LOVE. I would not be wasting my time on something I didn't think was worth it.

But in an attempt to 1) do something other than watch TV after Liam is asleep 2)  start crossing things of my DIY/craft list and 3) make more time for romance during the week (ooh la la), I've declared Tuesday evenings in the Bremser house as "No TV Tuesdays."

No TV Tuesdays.

Oh my gosh, we are going to get SO much done!

Starting tomorrow night I'm going to help Matt rearrange/clean/organize his man cave in the basement. There is plenty of shop-vaccing, tool organizing and cabinet installing to be done.

Now if only we have the energy, and the discipline to stay away from the couch and TV :)

We'll see how it goes...

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