Thursday, February 13, 2014

Liam loves you thiiiiisssss much

I'm a bit obsessed with Liam's cute little hands and feet. I know they're not going to be small and cute forever, so every chance I can get I will trace them on paper, paint them and have him stamp them on paper, and even press them into play dough/clay/etc to make cute little imprints.

Last year for Valentine's Day we made heart Valentine's using Liam's hands. I blogged about it here: Heart Art

This year my inspiration for Liam's homemade Valentine's came from....can you guess? Pinterest. Go figure! I saw this photo months ago and pinned it along with my gazillion other pins:
Originally pinned by blogger Day In My Life

I thought this would be a cool idea for a lovey-dovey card, which made it perfect to make for Valentine's :)

Instead of tracing Liam's hands and then cutting them all out (10 Valentines = 20 hands to cut out = UGH!) I decided to paint his hands and stamp them onto pink paper (Matt, thank you for helping).

Then, while watching Liam play with toys, I cut around the hand prints pretty quickly. Way easier then cutting out traced hands!

Then I folded some strips of white printer paper into accordions and attached them between a left and right hand like this:

 On one hand we wrote "I love you" to whomever the Valentine was for:

And on the other we wrote "this much." I signed Liam's name for him, but then he took a red crayon afterwards and wrote his name himself next to (over, on top of, around) his name. As he signed each one I said "this one we're going to send to Grandma" and "this one we're going to send to your cousins Bella and Rylan." I swear he giggled each time he signed his name!

A finished Valentine:

We sent them in the mail to a few family members and I'm hoping they bring smiles to their faces :)

Have a happy Friday! The weekend is almost here...


  1. So cute! I love the personal feel you added with the hand prints! (And yes, it was kind of a pain to cut out the little hands. I can't imagine cutting 20!) Thanks for the link. :)

  2. Thank you! And thanks for responding :)

  3. cute valentines! I love Liams little pudgy toddler hands! It's so sad when they outgrow that and start having kid hands!

  4. Oh....I don't want to even think about Liam getting older!