Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Yippee! I am three!

This past Saturday was Liam's third birthday. We tried to make the weekend as special as we could for him.

On Friday afternoon we took the kids to our local children's museum Above & Beyond. We went there for his birthday last year too, so I guess it's become his annual birthday tradition :)

Then on Saturday we invited family over for Liam's birthday party. The theme he chose was "blocks" which is fitting because he is currently obsessed with building blocks.

I will let these photos do the talking:

Birthday breakfast - pancakes and fruit

Helping put up some last-minute party decorations.

Little party bags for Liam's cousins.

We let him open a gift from us after breakfast (something to keep him busy
while we ran around finishing prep for the party).

These poles and fish are for the bathtub. A unique find from our favorite
local toy store Movers & Shakers Kids Toys.

The streamers and balloons are up...

Blocks all over...

I made a vase out of Mega Blocks (I placed an actual vase inside).

Liam watching a little boob tube prior to his party...

I bought the cake, but I decorated it myself :) It was cheap to decorate - I used blocks
and Legos that we already had (which were thoroughly sanitized beforehand!).

Lemon-Strawberry punch. Recipe here

Me and my three year old!

Rolling around on the floor with cousin Tim.

My aunts and grandma gushing over my nephew Hudson.

Food. Family.

Crazy kid corner.

Lucky little boy.

Bella, Rylan and Liam hanging out with Aunt Shelley.

Sweet little Hudson - 6 1/2 months

Chloe with Aunt Tracy

It's gift-ripping-open time!!

Intrigued by the soccer ball.

"Mmnnnn I wonder if wrapping paper tastes good....?"

Cake time.

(The 4th yellow candle is in memory of my dad's birthday, which is 4 days earlier)

Happy 3rd birthday little Liam!
You are the sweetest, feistiest, coolest, funniest little dude!

We love you.

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