Monday, December 15, 2014

'Tis the season

A few things that have made me smile lately...

Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's house.
Liam and his cousin Rylan.

Yes, this is three kids playing on three iPads.
The kids looovvveeee grandma's house :)

A sweet little message my niece Caroline wrote on the
chalkboard in my mom's kitchen.

Liam's first snowman of 2014.

Chloe has turned out to be a GREAT little gift wrapping helper.
Shaking the ribbon all over. Picking out gift tags for me.

My nephew's Christmas band concert at Blue Harbor.

Liam painting. I know, he does it all of the time. But it still makes me
smile, seeing him experiment with the colors & brushes. My little artist.

This sign I found at Hob Lob. I had to get it for the kitchen.

The tree is decorated, thanks to another great helper in the family named Liam.

The crazy dining room, filled with exciting Christmas To-Do things.
Wrapping gifts and making ornaments and decorating. Fun chaos.

Our cat Marlee being "fine" with Chloe chasing her around, tugging on her tail,
pulling her fur. What a good cat she is.

Testing out the (vintage) mixer we got from Matt's grandma :)
It's first hoorah -- Christmas cookie dough.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What lies beneath

In an attempt to make more room for our Christmas tree in the living room I had Matt move the couch a bit. This is what I found underneath it:

Can you tell we have kids?

Clearly we do not look under our couch very often. Based on the fact that I found a Valentine's Day heart decoration -- that means it's been at least since February that we've last looked underneath.

And do you see anything non-kid related?

There's not even a cat toy. Or one of my hair ties. Or one of Matt's stale Tostitos. The only even slightly-adult thing is two dimes. Twenty cents. Not even enough $ for a large gum ball.

Some other observations I made:

- We obviously don't play cards often -- otherwise I think we would have noticed the missing card by now...

- And it's been even longer since we've played 'Drinking Jenga.' Like a wayyyyy long time ago. I guarantee that the Jenga block was being used by Liam to build a castle or spaceship. Definitely not by Matt & I to purposely get wasted. 

- Can you say major choking hazards?? It's a good thing we looked under here before Chloe crammed her tiny little arms under there and started swiping stuff out.

- Lastly, I'm surprised by the lack of crusty food and/or centipedes and/or other gross things usually found under couches. Although I'm sure I'll run into some of those when I look underneath the couch cushions tomorrow one of these months.