Monday, September 30, 2013

Stuck like glue

Crafty Club was back in session a couple of weeks ago!

I hosted the craft in my kitchen. And seven ladies attended (what a great turnout)!

My friend Joy provided this months craft. She decided what craft to do, bought all of the supplies, instructed the ladies on how to do the craft, and provided snacks and drinks for all of us. Thank you Joy!!

We decorated wooden letters with river rocks. She found the idea on Pinterest here

Everyone picked out the letter they wanted beforehand and then brought along their glue sticks and hot glue guns.

Plenty of glue sticks to go around...
Gluing rocks to the letters...
Fun stuff...
Sarah and Jeanine, showing off their finished creations :)
An "F" for Fitzgerald...
Happy crafters...
Brain fuel - licorice, M&Ms and chocolate covered pretzels...
You may be thinking "what are you all going to do with those letters?" I haven't decided what to do with mine yet, but I have many ideas. I may put a pretty ribbon on it and hang it on our front door. Or I might hang it in our bedroom. Or I may just lean it up against a wall on a shelf.

Most ideas online show them hanging or framed, like these:


I kind of like the framed idea....hhmmnnn.... 
Once I decide what to do with it I'll post a photo :)

Have a GREAT week everyone.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Stay tuned

Ahhhhhhh....I'm finally sitting down and updating my blog! It has been way, way too long. I told myself, when I started my blog, that I would post one or two times per week. And here I am, four weeks since my last post.

I really have no excuse, other than the fact that I've been nauseous and barfy and really tired. I guess I've just been really pregnant :)

We are overjoyed and feel so blessed to be preggers again! It really is a miracle. Not only are we excited to have another little peanut running around the house someday, but also for Liam to have a sibling.

But I've had like ZERO energy to do anything other than watch Liam and take care of minor things around the house. During Liam's nap time every day I've thought to myself "I need to update my blog." But a blanket and a pillow seems to have trumped it each time. Once the 2nd trimester comes along I'm hoping to get more of my energy back & would appreciate if the nausea subsided. I started feeling better at around 13 weeks with Liam, so I'm hoping this pregnancy mirrors the first one.

I already shared this photo on Facebook, but here it is again. My clever little way of announcing Liam's future as a big brother: Liam is napping right now and my eyes are seriously starting to shut on me as I type. So I'm going to go take a little snooze before he wakes up.

I'll be posting more often again. I have a TON of little crafty things I want to share with you. And a gazillion photos from Labor Day weekend, etc. So please stay tuned :)