Friday, September 13, 2013

Stay tuned

Ahhhhhhh....I'm finally sitting down and updating my blog! It has been way, way too long. I told myself, when I started my blog, that I would post one or two times per week. And here I am, four weeks since my last post.

I really have no excuse, other than the fact that I've been nauseous and barfy and really tired. I guess I've just been really pregnant :)

We are overjoyed and feel so blessed to be preggers again! It really is a miracle. Not only are we excited to have another little peanut running around the house someday, but also for Liam to have a sibling.

But I've had like ZERO energy to do anything other than watch Liam and take care of minor things around the house. During Liam's nap time every day I've thought to myself "I need to update my blog." But a blanket and a pillow seems to have trumped it each time. Once the 2nd trimester comes along I'm hoping to get more of my energy back & would appreciate if the nausea subsided. I started feeling better at around 13 weeks with Liam, so I'm hoping this pregnancy mirrors the first one.

I already shared this photo on Facebook, but here it is again. My clever little way of announcing Liam's future as a big brother: Liam is napping right now and my eyes are seriously starting to shut on me as I type. So I'm going to go take a little snooze before he wakes up.

I'll be posting more often again. I have a TON of little crafty things I want to share with you. And a gazillion photos from Labor Day weekend, etc. So please stay tuned :)


  1. YEAH!!! I had a small inkling! I am so excited for you three!!! Congratulations. Sorry about the "morning" sickness...I hope it starts to ease up soon.

    Hugs to all 4 of you :)

    1. Hi Kate! Thank you! How have you been? Is the weather cooling off by you like it is here? Are you traveling to WI anytime soon? It's nice to hear from you.

  2. Hi Erin,
    I am glad to hear from you...I sent you and matt a few messages when we were back in WI in July, but did not hear back and thought I may have bugged you guys too much! I hope that is not the case! We won't be back in WI until next Summer :(. I hope we can catch up then! We are good here....just getting into the swing of school starting. Last weekend Mike and I went to Colorado while Mike's Mom stayed with the was fantastic we soaked in every minute together!
    I am so excited for you and Matt (and Liam) two is fun! How are you feeling? Is the "morning" sickness getting any better?
    I love your blog...I love that it makes me feel like we are neighbors! You have such a lovely's fun to read about and see your pictures. I really do wish we lived closer though! I want to be friends in real life more instead of just our cyber life.
    The weather has finally started to cool off...I LOVE it!!! That was a really really hot Summer for us! The leaves are starting to change in town. They have been changing for a few weeks up some of our hikes, but now they are in our yard too. I just LOVE Fall! We have even seen a few clouds and sprinkles! EEEEE!
    Well friend, it was good to hear from you! hugs!