Thursday, August 15, 2013

Just beachy

Liam and I strolled on down to the lake today. We packed up the stroller with sand toys, bottles of water and snacks. We prefer going to our "secret beach" as we call it because there is barely ever anyone on the entire beach! You'll see an occasional dog walker or some middle school boys doing who-knows-what, but that's about it. It's hard to find a place to get onto this beach because it's surrounded by woods and a steep bluff rises above it, so it stays pretty secluded. But we've found our way to access it! When we get to the bluff with the stroller we bike-lock it to a fence and carry Liam/chairs/etc down a steep trail to the beach.

I cannot even describe how much Liam LOVED the beach today! From the second I set him down by the water it was go-go-go for him! The water isn't even that warm, but he didn't care. At one point he walked out into the water a little too far and a wave sucked him in and onto his tummy (yikes). But no worries...super mom came to the rescue :) He didn't even seem to mind! He just spit out the water and giggled a bit, and kept on keepin' on. What a trooper he is!

Looking at the ducks...

Picking up rocks and throwing them into the lake...
Picking up rocks and throwing them into the lake...
Picking up rocks get the picture!

More rock exploration...

Investigating the green slime stuff....luckily he didn't try to taste it :)

My cutie's sandy little feet...

Snack break!
"Would you like a little applesauce with your sand?"

Okay - here is MY favorite part of our beach day (other than my amazingly cute little boy splashing in the water of course) - beach glass!! I just love beach combing. And finding beach glass is like an added bonus! I found ten pieces, which I think is pretty good. I'm excited to add it to our beach glass collection (yeah, I know, totally dorky).

Liam got a nice warm bath the second he got home. He had sand in places I won't even mention....eek. He skipped lunch and went right down for a nap :) Mama likes the beach.

And one more quick photo.
The Italian Zucchini I harvested from our garden last night:

Things that made me smile last week:

Hung out with friends & kids at the park, and said goodbye to some great neighbors

Liam said "applesauce" - ha ha!

We had a campfire on the beach with a bunch of neighbors/friends

My mom, niece, Liam and I explored a park

Enjoyed an outdoor meal under the trees at our friends' house

I watched a chick flick, because Matt was out of town

I got to sneak in an hour long nap

Have a nice weekend!

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