Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I love blogs

I'll admit it. I'm a bit of a blog stalker. When I come across a blog that I really like, I follow it on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis. Some of the blogs I follow are mommy/family blogs, some are home decorating blogs and some are foodie blogs. Some are funny and some are inspiring. No matter what the blog topic may be, there are certain ones that just stand out to me and I really enjoy them.

After all....the reason I started my own blog was because I felt inspired by some of the blogs I currently follow. I thought it was interesting to get a glimpse into other mothers' lives, into other peoples' homes (a little creepy, I know) and check out new recipes and home decorating ideas.

The blogs that I enjoy have definitely changed over time. Sometimes I lose interest in one and decide not to read it anymore. And sometimes I come across a brand new blog to follow, one that I wish I had found years ago.

I thought I'd share my current favorite blogs. The ones that I stalk! I think they're worth sharing because A) they are sources of creativity and inspiration and connection (a connection to other moms and families) and B) I just think it's nice to spread the word about fellow bloggers! If I can help other bloggers get some more followers, then that puts a smile on my face and theirs :)

None of these bloggers asked me to list their blog here or give opinions. All opinions are totally my own.

So here it goes...

Here are my current favorite mom & family blogs...

Mom to FIVE children and photographer, Ashley Ann blogs about life, family, creativity and photography. Her family is beautiful, her writing is inspiring and her photography is simply amazing.

Mom to three adorable children, blogger Amy shares snippets of her family and home. I like her style and she has a seriously contagious smile!

I follow this blog the most! Blogger Katie is a mom to two boys with another boy due any day! She is full of creativity, constantly doing cool stuff to her home and isn't afraid to try new things. She's funny, honest and has made a beautiful home for her and her family.

I just discovered this blog within the last few weeks and I fell in love. It's just funny. Blogger Teri posts a lot of random things about babies and pregnancy and life that are of interest and use to me. As a mom myself, it makes me feel like I am not alone!

I've been following this blog for a few years now. Blogger Sara is the real reason I started my own blog! I've just found so much inspiration over the years while reading her blog. She's full of life and love and isn't afraid to share anything. Her photography is cool, her three girls are beautiful and she always has something interesting to share. A true nesting gypsy she is. 

Mom to an adorable little boy, blogger Jessica is one of the most honest bloggers out there. 
She is a "hopeless encourager" as she calls herself. Her and her little boy are always on a mission to make others' people days and she shares the stories on her blog. This woman is honest, cool and creative. She also has an Etsy page where she sells some cool crocheted goods

A mom of two, Amy is funny and honest. This is another pregnancy/mom site that reassures me that I am not alone!

Here are some of my current favorite home decorating blogs...

I like Kelly's style. She gives great vintage decorating tips & also posts a lot of "home tours" which let you see inside other peoples' cool, eclectic homes. I consider my decorating style to be a bit "eclectic" which is why I was drawn to her blog.

Look at the title of this blog. Need I say more? I am obsessed with the color turquoise (and teals and blues and greens) so looking at this blog is about equal to eating a Snickers bar to me! Blogger Erin posts photos of amazing turquoise-inspired homes almost every day. Eye candy.

This is a cool creative living site by blogger Holly. Food and flowers and home ideas, oh my! Her topics and ideas are fun and fresh. She keeps me in the loop with what's "cool" at the moment :)

If you're looking for remodeling or crafting ideas, this is a great resource. Blogger Cassity shares great do-it-yourself projects that are actually doable!

Another nice do-it-yourself kind of blog. Krista shares great tips on how to make your house happy :)

Some of my favorite creative blogs...

Mom and blogger Sarah takes you inside her home and shares bits of her family life and her fresh, simple style.

I wish I were friends with this girl! Blogger Natalie shares stories of her family & home and is full of creative inspiration (she has an Etsy shop). Her blog is filled with beautiful photos and it encourages me to want to live more simply.

I came across Sarah's blog when my Crafty Club re-created one of her crafts (an eggs-in-a-nest necklace which she sells on her Etsy page). She has a beautiful family and posts the most incredible photos on her blog.

And my current favorite foodie blogs...

I just love the recipes that blogger Sarah posts. I've tried numerous recipes from her blog and they've all been successful.

Blogger Nikki posts super yummy recipes, but also posts about random other things (life, fashion, trends) that I also find interesting.

I recently started following this blog. Bloggers Teri and Jenny share great recipes and the photographs are funky & fresh to look at.

I hope you enjoy at least one of the blogs as much as I do. As I said earlier, I love to check out (and stalk) new blogs! So please tell me, what are your favorite lifestyle/food/home/mommy blogs? I would love to hear from you.  Please share with me by commenting in the "Post A Comment" spot below!


  1. Hi Erin! I know lots of these blogs but some are new to me! I will definitely be checking them out and thanks so much for including me! Here's to being eclectic!

  2. what a huge honor! thank you for sharing my blog with your readers. love your space, sweet friend. :) - natalie

  3. Hello! How sweet of you to adore my blog, even as sporadic as it is! But I guess that's how life goes as a mother of three ;) What a fun list you have put together here, thanks for including me. xo

  4. Thank you so much for the shout out!! What I nice surprise!

  5. What a great list of blogs to explore! Thank you so much for including mine on your list. You are too sweet :)

  6. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, I made it on your list, happy dance, happy dance, happy dance.

    Seriously though, thank you so much. It is an honor to be recognized and I really appreciate it. XOXO!

  7. Wow- some amazing blogs for me to explore here Erin- I am so honoured to be included on your list!! Yay!!! Thank you:)

  8. ooohhh. So fun! I am excited for a rainy cozy day to go through your blog favorites! How fun! I would tell you my favorite, but I really just follow you and a small few close friends. I'll let you know if I find a new one! Can't wait to check out your list!

    1. Hey, if I can make a rainy day more enjoyable for you, then that makes me happy :)

  9. I'm so honored, thank you Erin! :) :) :)