Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Nest eggs

We had our third "Crafty Club" gathering last night and it was a success! My friend Sarah hosted it this time and she did a great job entertaining, as always. 

The evening was filled with conversation, vodka lemonades and crafting. She picked out a great craft -- little bird-eggs-in-a-nest necklaces that we created from wire and beads. 

Here's the bird nest necklace that I made:

Sarah provided an assortment of beads. We each looked through them and 
picked out the ones we loved.

Using 25 gauge wire, we wrapped and wrapped and wrapped the 
wire to create the nest around the beads. 

Here's a photo of all of our finished necklaces. Everyones turned out uniquely different.

Sarah found the idea for this project on Etsy, so I need to give credit to the woman who makes these and sells them on her Etsy page Poppy & Pine . Here's one of the necklaces she sells. 

I think ours turned out pretty good considering this was our first time making them! I can't wait to wear mine.

Have a peaceful rest of the week everyone :)


  1. I love it! All the necklaces came out so great, I'm glad you enjoyed the tutorial!