Monday, July 29, 2013

Files = smiles

I'm getting closer to finishing organizing my new desk area in the kitchen. I still want to paint the chair a funky color and upholster a new seat. But I have the essentials - a mini chalkboard, mini cork board, mirror, photo of Liam, computer, mail tray and Kleenex :)

The most important thing to me, when looking for a new desk, was getting one that had a file drawer. We already have a filing cabinet in the basement where we file paid bills, tax info, home repair receipts, etc (boorrriinnngggg).

But in the kitchen I wanted to place to file the fun stuff! Fun stuff like craft ideas, party ideas, restaurant menus, etc.

I'm always ripping articles and pictures out of magazines, whether it be books that I want to read, recipes that I want to try, or craft projects I'd like to attempt. And the little ripped out things end up sitting all over the dang house.
Home project ideas...
Craft project idea...
Party and entertaining ideas...
So now I have a place to file the things that make me happy :)
I bought some fun, bright colored hanging files at Target and shabam! Instant organization!


Things that made me smile last week:

Liam helped me pick out a book to give to his cousin 

Liam and I enjoyed a play date with friends at a park

Matt rode Liam around in a kid-seat on his bike - both of them were laughing :)

I completed the finishing touches on a growth chart for Liam 

I caught up on reading some of my magazines

We celebrated my nephew's birthday in Madison

Liam said the word "octopus" while taking a bath

And an extra little photo...
 Mike Wizowski cake that my sister-in-law made for my nephew's birthday.
It was her first time using fondant and I think it turned out amazing!!

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  1. LOVE your new work space :)'s not so new anymore... I am just tardy on writing comments.