Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Big boy bedroom

I thought I'd share a few quick photos of Liam's "big boy bedroom" as we call it. He absolutely loves his new room and his twin bed. He's been in this new room for almost a month now and hasn't even looked back at his old room! It really surprised us that he would adjust so well (I hope I'm not jinxing it by saying this). Soon his old room will be filled with a crying, cooing, burping baby. I wonder if he'll get jealous when the "newbie" is in his old room? I guess we'll find out shortly... are a few photos of his travel/map/world themed room. There are a few things I want to get done in here yet (hang a clock, hang some canvass art, organize the closet better, etc). And I didn't have the energy to set up the room to look all spectacular for the photos. So I'm only posting the ones that I thought looked fairly cute :) 

Here's a little banner I made out of old maps and ribbon...

It took me forever to find this duvet cover online. It was sold out from Pottery Barn Kids, but I found it for half the price and brand new on EBay :) 

This little red airplane pillow was my "inspiration piece" for his bedroom...

Matt and I are a bit obsessed with VW's so we thought we'd share our love with Liam...

Liam got this cool canvass from some friends for his birthday. And the old little yellow VW -- that was mine and my brothers' from when we were little :)

A couple of shelves above his bed...

Night stand and lamp are a must...

You can never have too many books...

Trucks and globes and dinosaur banks...

One half of the room...

Little man hat...

 Liam's friends...

A touch of vintage...

Trying to be organized...

Marking on the map where he's all been...

I asked Liam to smile for the camera in his big boy room and this is what I got...a shy little boy! What a little stinker!

Source list:
Cars and trucks duvet cover - Pottery Barn Kids
Oak bed - free hand me down (it was my cousin's bed)
Red airplane pillow - Hobby Lobby
Two white floating shelves - Threshold for Target
Orange ombre curtains - Target online
Orange nightstand - Target online
Blue stick lamp - Target online (clearance)
Two white book shelves - IKEA
White cube shelf - IKEA
Red metal baskets - Hobby Lobby
Green vintage chair - found it on the side of the road for free!
Grey shag rug - Garden Ridge
Green plastic tubs - Dollar Tree
Wall map - map from Office Depot, frame made by Matt
Dresser -


  1. I LOVE it! Great job! I love the "you are free to be happy always" sign!

  2. Such a great bedroom! I love all the little touches, looks awesome!

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  4. Hi, long shot, here, but - do you still have that airplane pillow? Can you please tell me a brand name, or something that would tell me where to buy it?
    We had the exact same one, until a tornado came through and destroyed our house. My son is bemoaning the loss of his airplane pillow, and I can't figure out how/where to replace it. Thanks!