Monday, April 21, 2014

Eggs and a cute little chick

In case you didn't hear....I gave birth to a little girl on April 9th! Her name is Chloe Elise and she is the sweetest little thing ever. We're excited to call her our daughter and Liam has been a great big brother (so far).
Here she is:

I have a ton of Chloe photos to share with you from the hospital & since we brought her home, but this post is just a quickie from Easter 2014. My next blog post will be 100% Chloe, I promise :)

It's hard to find an ounce of time to sit at the computer now, with a newborn and a toddler to take care of. But I will try my best to keep up with my blogging.

Easter 2014
We stayed at home this year (instead of traveling to my mom's and Matt's parents) so my mom and Matt's parents came to visit us instead. They got to see their grand kids and it gave Matt and I a little break from the craziness, so it was nice for all of us.

 We did some Easter egg decorating. We did tie-dye-style eggs this year. It was messy, but fun.

Liam found his Easter basket.

Liam says:
1) Check out my blue bunny!
2) told me to sit here nicely next to Chloe.
3) I love my new baby sister.
4) I love blue Peeps.

 Chloe's first Easter!

Also, her first time wearing a dress :)

The weather was finally nice enough to play in the (brown) yard. Liam enjoyed searching for eggs....

....and swinging on the swings with hid dad.

We also made homemade Easter cards to send to family. Liam dunked his fingertips in yellow paint and stamped them onto some paper. We turned to stamps into little yellow chicks. The coolest part about the cards? Signing both Liam AND Chloe's names on them :)

I hope you had a blessed Easter.

Love -
Erin, Matt, Liam and Chloe

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