Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What lies beneath

In an attempt to make more room for our Christmas tree in the living room I had Matt move the couch a bit. This is what I found underneath it:

Can you tell we have kids?

Clearly we do not look under our couch very often. Based on the fact that I found a Valentine's Day heart decoration -- that means it's been at least since February that we've last looked underneath.

And do you see anything non-kid related?

There's not even a cat toy. Or one of my hair ties. Or one of Matt's stale Tostitos. The only even slightly-adult thing is two dimes. Twenty cents. Not even enough $ for a large gum ball.

Some other observations I made:

- We obviously don't play cards often -- otherwise I think we would have noticed the missing card by now...

- And it's been even longer since we've played 'Drinking Jenga.' Like a wayyyyy long time ago. I guarantee that the Jenga block was being used by Liam to build a castle or spaceship. Definitely not by Matt & I to purposely get wasted. 

- Can you say major choking hazards?? It's a good thing we looked under here before Chloe crammed her tiny little arms under there and started swiping stuff out.

- Lastly, I'm surprised by the lack of crusty food and/or centipedes and/or other gross things usually found under couches. Although I'm sure I'll run into some of those when I look underneath the couch cushions tomorrow one of these months.


  1. That's the norm for under out couch, unfortunately. lol That's why I try not to move the couch. Out of sight, out of mind. :)

    1. I like that - "out of sight, out of mind." That should be my motto for laundry, bills, the diaper pail....