Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Heart art

Last year around this time we thought that maybe Liam was going to be born on or around Valentine's Day. We were busy packing our hospital bags, finishing up the nursery and nervous about the arrival of a new baby. Making Valentine's Day cards was the absolute last thing on our minds.

Fast forward a year, and Liam's here! 

I thought it'd be cute for our little guy to make the Valentine's this year (with a little bit of help from mom and dad). So I typed "handprint valentines" into Google Images and found this great idea:

We used pink and white acrylic paint & red card stock paper.
I poured the paint into little paper plates, ready for dipping Liam's hands.
This was a two-parent project! Matt held Liam while I helped him press his hand down.
We dipped one of his hands in pink paint and stamped the paper.
Then dipped his other hand in white, forming a heart shape.
We cut them into hearts.
And wrote little messages of love.
I know that Valentine's day is a Hallmark Holiday and Matt & I don't even celebrate it ourselves. But I thought it'd be fun for Liam to send some love to his grandparents and cousins.

Did anyone else make home made Valentine's this year? How'd you make them?


  1. cute!
    This year we did a few ideas from Pinterest (we traced hands that when opened up had both hands with a heart in the middle, an envelope that when opened was a big heart, and lots of little hearts folded in half and glued into the shape of a flower). We also cut out hearts and wrote what we love about each kid (and the kids did it for each other too) then we put them all over their bedroom door in the morning. and had heart shaped pancakes in the AM and pizza in the PM.
    I agree...we do not do much of the 'halmark' valentines day stuff, but I love making cute heart stuff with the kids and giving them to family and neighbors as little reminders of why we love them.
    I hope your valentines was LOVEly :)

  2. Great ideas!! Pinterest is awesome. Heart shaped pancakes -- that is ambitious!