Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fluffy kids

 Marlee pop art

This entry is a shout out (or a "meow out") to our cats, Jack and Marlee. They are brother & sister and they're five years old today! 

There's not a day that goes by I'm not thankful we adopted them. 

Jack puts his butt on my pillow, Marlee drinks out of my water glass and their duo litter box stinks up our basement. But I still love them. They've brought endless smiles to our faces over the years.

Marlee is the quiet, reserved one. Sleep is her favorite thing in the world. If cat food didn't exist I'm pretty sure she'd never leave her kitty pillow. She'll get up from sleeping, eat, poop and go back to sleep. On occasion she'll get feisty and want to play. But it's usually short lived. She's also the brave one. She's unafraid of Liam's erratic hands. She snuck outside once for half a day and just sat by our back window and meowed.

So serious

I love her eyes

Jack is the crazy one. He's so, so playful. Rambunctious. Energetic. He'd rather chase a toy around than sleep. He loves being naughty and beats up on Marlee. He's a neat-freak. He loves licking popsicles (weird, I know). He's also a scaredy-cat. He startles easily and is "kind of a pussy (cat)" Matt says. But he's also the sweetest and most loving cat around. He loves snuggling with Marlee and with me. He sleeps wrapped in my arms most of the night (sorry Matt). He's a lover, as you can tell by this photo:


 We love you Jack and Marlee. Happy birthday to our fluffy kids!

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