Friday, March 15, 2013

Tastes like dirty paper

Paint chips, paint chips, and more paint chips....

This giant basket of paint chips is the culmination of a) painting every interior room in our home over the last three years and b) never being able to make up my dang mind as to what colors to use.

Thank you to the paint departments at Sherwin Williams, Home Depot, Menards and Fleet Farm for supplying me with a lifetime supply of color samples.

And today you helped keep Liam busy for over an hour!

Liam loves playing with these little pieces of color! He inspects each and every color. Then he looks at the size of each chip. He throws them around. Stacks them. Chews on them. Takes them out of the basket and puts them back in.

He even tries to taste some of them.

It's funny to see his expression when he realizes that 'Glazed Pecan' really just tastes like dirty paper.

I love his chubby little foot in this photo :)

And after he demolished the basket of paint chips, he moved on to the next thing...

Pulling every single piece of paper out of our paper-recycling-bag.

Little stinker!
Have a nice weekend everyone.

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  1. awesome! I love it! He is such a cutie. I miss those little one year old days so much! wish I could come over and get my baby/toddler fix!