Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Chloe's 2nd Birthday Interview

Chloe enjoying what, I hope, is our last snowfall of the year...
The answers in "quotes" are her own :)

What is your name? "Wo ey" 

How old are you?  "Two"

Where do you live?  Sheboygan 

What is your favorite color?  "Yah low" 

What is your favorite animal?  "Elmo"  (She also lovvvvvesss our cat Marlee)

What is your favorite food? "Eat"  (Carrots, green beans, apples, blueberries, noodles, pizza, m&ms)

What is your favorite toy? Her dolls, Elmo, crayons/paper, fake food, rocking horse

What is your favorite song? Shake It Off by T. Swift

What is your favorite book? 'Kittens' and 'Bunny's Garden'

What is your favorite TV show? Sofia The First (favorite movie is Frozen)

Who is your best friend? Liam, mom and dad

What makes you happy? Food/snacks, Marlee the cat, snuggles, her dolls, playing outside, music, shoes

What makes you sad? Nap time, Liam sometimes, being sick, not getting candy when you want it

What do you like to do indoors? Play, art projects, watch cartoons, push dolls in strollers, eat snacks, play with Legos

What do you like to do outdoors? Swing on the swing, sidewalk chalk, kick balls, sand/water table, shovel snow, go to the park

What do you want to be when you grow up? Mom thinks you'll be a fantastic mother someday, also maybe a dancer, an artist or a lawyer (because you sure know how to get your way already!) Dad thinks you will do something involving kids.

Chloe absolutely LOVES: 
Shoes, candy, dancing, babies, baths, and swinging on her swing

Happy second birthday, baby girl! You are the sweetest, smartest and feistiest little girl we ever did know. And we love you, so very much :) Love, mom - dad - Liam

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