Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Kid Art: Coffee Filter Easter Eggs

As most of you know I enjoy helping Liam and Chloe make homemade cards & art for the holidays. With Easter right around the corner I figured we should get-to-making some cards prior to this weekend.

Last year was Chloe's first Easter and we made cute little cards using Liam's and Chloe's finger prints: Little Chick Easter Cards

This year Chloe ended up just 'advising' us (watching and giggling at us) while we made some Easter eggs out of coffee filters. I'm planning on saving a few and hanging them on a window, and then we'll mail the rest out to family members this week.

This was something I thought of as I was pulling out art supplies for Liam. It was very easy and we only needed 3 supplies to make these:

1) Coffee filters, any size
2) Do-A-Dot markers

and 3) Plastic water droppers

I laid out some paper on the table to absorb the expected watery mess. Then Liam decorated the coffee filters with an assortment of Do-A-Dot colors. 

Then I gave him a little bowl of water and a plastic dropper. He gently (ha ha...who am I kidding) messily dropped water onto the coffee filter and watched the colors 'bleed' together. 

This was a bit of an art AND science experiment all in one :)

Once he realized how fun it was to squirt the water we were on a roll. He made ten of these in one sitting!

Then we laid them out to dry. They were dry in about an hour.

I cut them into egg shapes, trimming two sides of the filters off.

And here are our eggs!

Now we have to write "Happy Easter Grandma" etc on the back of them, stick them in envelopes and address them. And I'll have Liam and Chloe stick Easter stickers all over the envelopes.

A couple of tips:

- These took very little time and it was perfect for a 3 year old to do.

- If you don't have Do-A-Dot markers I'm pretty sure washable markers would work just as well.

- If you don't have plastic water droppers I bet a paint brush dipped in water and 'dripped' over the filters would work well too.

Let me know if you try this too!


  1. once we came home and our sitter had done a ton of these with the kids and hung them across maggie's room like flags…so cute! I love the idea of turning them into cards! You are such a fun Mom!

    1. Flags are a great idea, or a garland of these cut into shapes (hearts, stars, etc) would be cool too. Thanks for sharing!