Monday, November 25, 2013

Feeling mappy

With a new baby arriving sometime in April I've been busy planning Liam's new "big boy room." We're hoping to move him into his new room sometime in the next couple of months. 

The new baby will move right into Liam's current room once it's born (although it will be sleeping in a bassinet in our bedroom for the first couple of months). So I'm not going to change anything with that room. It's owl themed, which is good for a boy or girl, so I don't have to worry about the baby's room at all :)

Liam will be moving into the bedroom that, up until very recently, was Matt's at-home office. We moved Matt's office to a different bedroom (our largest bedroom in the house) which will now be Matt's office + guest bedroom. I'm not sure how happy Matt is about have a guest bed in his office...but we really wanted the kids' bedrooms (the two smallest rooms) closest to our bedroom. Oh my gosh, did I just say kids? Like plural? Like more than one kid? Ahhh!!!! Liam's future room we need to paint the new window we just had installed, and put a fresh coat of white on all of the trim. And then I get to decorate it :) I'm sure you're wondering what the theme will be in Liam's new room? It's going to be a worldly/map inspired/happy travels kind of theme. 

A bit of my inspiration actually comes from the book All The World, which Liam received as a gift from our friends when he was born. The book is an amazing story about how all things/people/animals are connected and important. I think it's a great story for Liam to grow up with and understand someday. 

I finished a little project for his room last week. I'm sure I saw the idea on Pinterest or in a magazine a while back. I thought it'd be cute to put on a shelf in his new room. 

I bought cardboard letters at Hobby Lobby, which spell out Liam's name. They were less than $2 per letter, so this entire project cost me around $8. 

I searched our home & cars for a variety of maps. I'm sure we won't miss the the maps too much (hello GPS). 

And I already had a squeeze bottle of Tacky Glue here at home.

Over the course of 4 nights (one letter per night) while watching TV, I cut and pasted the map pieces onto the letters. It was kind of a pain in the booty, but it was well worth the outcome.

My favorite thing about making little craft projects like this for Liam is that someday I can say "hey, your mom made that for you when you were a toddler." And it feels good that I didn't just go out and buy already-map-wrapped letters for more $.

And the rest of the maps that I have left over? I can use them for a couple more mappy projects :)

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