Tuesday, November 12, 2013

We'll treasure every measure

Way back in April I posted a photo of this boring ol' piece of wood, with the intention of making a giant growth chart for Liam:

Well it's been seven months and we FINALLY finished the project! 

As most of you've probably seen (on Pinterest, in stores, on DIY sites online), do-it-yourself wooden growth charts have become quite popular. Here are two kinds I found online and that I fell in love with:

From Headwaters Studios on Etsy

From the Dear Lilly blog

I really liked the layout of the 1st photo -- the way the numbers are centered on the wood and upright. And I really liked the wood & rustic look of the 2nd photo. So I decided to combine the two and make one of my own.

We bought the piece of wood from Home Depot and then Matt lightly sanded it. I used a yardstick and pencil to lightly draw in the inch and feet lines. I bought some inexpensive stencils from Hobby Lobby and found a Min wax stain color in our basement that I liked. I taped the stencils to the board and dabbed stain over them with a cloth. And VOILA, it's done! Super easy and very cheap.

We wanted it in our house where it can be seen, but didn't want it in a main living area, so we decided to hang it in our back mudroom. 

Liam is just shy of 2' 8". Matt and I are going to measure our heights too! But we actually want to see if we'll SHRINK as the years go by :) And you need to know - Matt was wearing shoes when I measured him for this (he cheated), so he's not that much taller than me :)

I'm more of a "measure your kid on the inside of an old door frame" kind of person. My mom has an awesome measuring spot in a doorway in her garage (all of her grand kids height measurements are there). But Matt and I aren't sure if we'll be living in our current home forever, so we thought it'd be best if we can take the growth chart with us wherever the wind may blow us :)


  1. I think your "wind" should blow you guys to Logan, UT ;)
    I love your measuring stick! I have also been meaning to improve ours...right now it is just an ugly white stick left over from a project, but like you, we knew we were going to be moving has served it's purpose well over the last 8+ years. But, I would love to make it look pretty. I wish you lived here so you could work your crafty magic! Nice Job Erin!

    1. Who knows where the wind will take us, right? I wish we lived closer to you as well :) Will you be coming to WI during the holidays?