Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Three clear glasses, two creative hands and a gold permanent Sharpie marker...

This month's Crafty Club was held last week at my friend Janine's house. She found a cool idea on Pinterest. She bought clear, simple glasses for us to decorate with gold and silver Sharpie markers. All seven of us decorated our glasses the way we wanted, and I must say, they turned out pretty amazing! Here are a few of our finished products:

This is my favorite out of the ones that I decorated.

These are my three completed glasses. Which one do you like best?

One of Joy's masterpieces. She used painters tape to mask part of the glass, then colored in between. 

This is another one of Joy's. I really like this one :)

Here are Erin's (sorry it's blurry, she sent it to me via cell phone). She put candles inside, lit them and placed them on her counter. These will look great on display for the holidays.

Janine said that we could bake the glasses in the oven to "set" the Sharpie markings permanently, but I'm a little scared to try it. I'm just going to leave mine alone and hope I never need to wash them! I'm planning to use them as candle holders.

This was a REALLY easy craft for those of you out there looking for something "homemade" to make and give as gifts this holiday season. I highly recommend trying it :)

Have a peaceful Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. Love these - I have a set of vintage gold glassware and have been seeing new versions everywhere. Very mad men!