Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Coffee, cookies and crayons

On any given weekday there are a number of things that happen pretty routinely in our home -- a dozen diapers changed, three meals and two snacks prepared and baths given before bedtime. And then there are the 'extra' things that we accomplish (if we're lucky), such as me writing this blog post :) I thought it'd be interesting to keep track, for one day, of the things that happen here at our house. I've listed them by number to make it less boring to read! So here it goes...

- trip to the dentist (Liam's first dentist appointment!)
- cup of coffee drank by me
- blanket/pillow fort built in living room
- one-month photo taken
- trip to the grocery store by Matt and Liam
- empty tube of diaper cream thrown in the garbage
- car seat re-installed in the car (after cleaning puke out of it from this weekend)
- card received in the mail for Chloe
- loaf of banana bread baked
- dishwasher filled up
- phone call to my mom
- prayer recited before bedtime

1 1/2
- cartoons watched by Liam

- kid baths
- toddler meltdowns
- colors of Play Dough played with
- kitty bowls filled with kitty food
- closets purged of old clothes 
- iPad games played by Liam
- sippy cups tossed across the kitchen floor
- magazines that came in the mail (HGTV and Parents!)
- hugs from Matt
- crayon drawings completed by Liam
- wonderful children that I got to spend the day with!

- cups of coffee drank by Matt
- "I love you mommy's" from Liam :)
- grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches made
- wet Liam diapers
- Liam outfit changes
- loads of laundry that SHOULD have been done but weren't :)

- infant meltdowns
- Chloe outfit changes
- amazing hugs from Liam
- bills paid online

- daffodils picked from our yard and placed in a vase
- Chloe poop diapers
- Chloe spit ups
- times the high chair was wiped down

5 1/4
- the time that I woke up this morning

- thank you notes written
- Chloe wet diapers
- amazing girlfriends that I spent time with at Crafty Club

6 3/4
- the time that Liam woke up this morning

- boogie wipes used (on various noses)

- books read to Liam

- cookies consumed (Liam and I shared them, it wasn't ALL me)
- nursings/breastfeeding sessions with Chloe

- things added to my Target shopping list
- the number of paper lantern squares (x2) that I folded during Crafty Club


Give Liam 5 minutes and this is what his play corner looks like...

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. hee hee this is funny! and such a great idea! I feel like I can barely remember my days with a toddler and baby…I miss those days at home and wish I would have done a better job at writing about a 'typical day". This is will be fun for you to look back at in a few years! Have you found any favorite books to read to the kids?

  2. I haven't even been to the library with Liam since Chloe was born - can you believe it? But we definitely rely on our owned faves: The Napping House, All The World, etc. And Liam is digging the Arthur books lately.