Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mr. & Mrs.

I'm a huge fan of putting together gift baskets. I think it's fun to find things that "fit" together when creating a basket. brother got engaged last weekend to his girlfriend Chris (congratulations you two!) so I put together a quick little basket for them today :) 

Somehow, in between nursing Chloe/changing diapers/wiping Liam's booger nose for the 100th time/etc, I found a bit of time to run to the grocery store this afternoon. I got everything I needed in one quick stop. I'm sure I could have found some better things to throw in the basket (had I gone to Target or Shopko) but I did the best I could perusing the grocery aisles...

What's a gift basket without beer and/or liquor?
Beer for my bro. Wine for Chris.

Every future bride needs a couple of these.

I attached some Post Its so she can bookmark things in the magazines that she likes. you get it???

 I wanted something pink to put in the basket. 
Strawberry yogurt pretzels did the trick.

Chris is a crazy good baker, so i thought it'd be fun to give her a recipe card with
a 'recipe for a happy marriage.' I know...totally corny, right? But seriously, these 
are the little things that Matt and I try to live by in our marriage,  and I wanted to share it with them.

When Matt and I got engaged over 8 years ago my mother-in-law had a little engagement party for
us with Matt's family. She bought these plates and I saved a bunch of them.  I dug a few out of
our 'wedding box' in our closet and stuck them in their basket.

Add a balloon, some heart napkins, etc and you have yourself a quick 
little engagement gift basket.


  1. you are so cute and talented! What a fantastic idea! I am calling you the next time I need a gift idea for someone!

  2. Awesome idea! I need ideas for a brand new mommy if you have any... ;)

    1. How about a nice glass container of bath salts with a cute little scoop, an indulgent magazine or book and a box of yummy chocolates. That way mom can 'get away' with a nice relaxing bath at home, but without having to leave the little one.