Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Favorite Time-Sucking Websites

Late in the evening, after the kids are bathed & finally asleep and Matt is settled on the couch watching a movie, I often retreat to our cozy bed with the iPad. I go through a nightly Internet routine: I check my email, peruse Facebook, pin a few things on Pinterest (instant gratification!) and read the newest entries on my favorite blogs (there are like 15 of them).

If I still feel 'awake enough' after my Internet routine, I check out some other websites that are my go-to's. I love, love, love science and like to keep learning all of the time, so all of these sites involve science, weird news or nerdy stuff!

So...if you're really into checking out websites that involve interesting science-type/oddball stuff, then you may want to check some of these out if you have not already! But beware - they are all a bit addictive once you start perusing through them.

Here are my Top 5 Favorite Time-Sucking Science/Oddball Websites:

Site: Messy Nessy Chic

Why I think it's cool: There's always something interesting to learn from this site. There are intriguing photographs from abandoned buildings, cafes around the world and secret swimming pools. Stories about a secret atomic city, a lady with a pet lion and art deco cinemas. And the author's posts called 13 Things I Found On The Internet Today are simply the best!

Site: Daily Overview

Why I think it's cool: Every day, on this site's Feed, you can view a new photo of Earth from up above. Whether it's a photo of farm fields, a cramped city center or a road interchange, the photos are simply stunning, some beautiful and some devastating.

Site: IFLScience
Why I think it's cool: This site keeps me up-to-date on all of the latest science news. Without it I would have no clue how MUCH we're learning about outer space right now! And that scientists are getting closer to understanding what might be causing Alzheimer's, that an ocean-cleaning system will be launched in 2016, and that there's now Google Underwater Street View for the oceans. Who knew!

Twisted Sifter

Why I think it's cool: It's just an interesting site. It's feed is filled with cool videos, photography and interesting stories based on art, science, travel and architecture. Once you start scrolling down it's hard to stop...

Site: Listverse

Why I think it's cool: A lot of the Top 10 lists on this site are flat-out bizarre. I wonder sometimes if all of the information is correct (so I take some of the lists with a grain of salt), but it's still fun to peruse through. This is another one that's hard to stop scrolling once you start. Top 10 Explanations For UFOs anyone?

I hope I gave you some great ideas on how to waste your time!

Are there are any time-sucking sites that you thoroughly enjoy??? Please let me know!

(all opinions above are completely my own)

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