Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Fourth

It's been over a month since I last sat down to work on a blog post. Sheesh!! I could list off a dozen reasons why I haven't blogged in a while (I'm tired at night once the kids are finally in bed, we've been very busy) but I don't want to bore you with excuses! So I'll cut right to it -

We travelled to our cabin at the beginning of July and had a fabulous time! We spent a week up there and I think we could have stayed a few more days, had we planned for it. Matt and I and the kids went up (by "up" I mean to northern Wisconsin) the Sunday prior to the weekend of 4th of July. We had a couple of nights as a family. Then my mom arrived on Tuesday. My brother, niece and her friend, and nephew and his girlfriend, and my other brother & his family of 5 arrived on Thursday. My aunt, two cousins and a boyfriend arrived on Friday. And other relatives, lake friends and neighbors stopped by throughout the holiday as well. 

I will let the photos tell the story:

Richter Lake. A little piece a paradise nestled in the Chequamegon National Forest. On our pier (which is finally above water!!) looking out over the peaceful lake. And the new raft we just got!

Enjoying the lake:
- swimming
- looking for frogs
- playing in the water
- Liam on a boat ride with Matt

Liam 4-wheeling with my mom

My nephew and his girlfriend.

The kids having fun:
- playing cards
- decorating windows with clings
- applying peace sign tattoos
- arts & crafts at the kitchen table

Liam and his cousin Rylan became quite the pals:
- sharing a chair
- eating yogurts
- early morning iPad playing
- lunching together

Smiles all around:
- my mom
- my niece Caroline and Chloe
- my brother Jason
- my sister-in-law Nici and nephew Hudson

Every 4th of July weekend we participate in Richter Lake's Annual Pontoon Boat Parade. Everyone gets drunk decorates their pontoon boats and gets drunk meets afterwards at a cabin. This year's theme was 60s Flashback. My mom made this sign to stick on our pontoon boat:

The pontoon boat parade:
- our 60s themed pontoon boat
- some guys playing music
- gathering afterwards
- the award that WE WON! (each year the winner adds a knick knack to the award)

I love these two so freaking much...

The weather was PER-FECT! Sunny and hot during the day, but cool enough at night that it was pleasant to sit by the campfire.

My mom enjoying some of her grand kids.

And a photo of the group that was at the cabin!

Happy belated 4th of July to you all :)


  1. wow! Lots of family for your 4th. How fun! I wish I could bottle up "up North" and ship it to Logan. I love it up there! I am sad I did not get to catch up with you much, but thankful I did run into you at the market! Perfect timing!!!!

    1. How did I miss this until now! I'm SO glad I ran into you too!!