Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Vintage chart = cool art

My mother-in-law brought this little basket of vintage cook books over to our house last week. She found them at Matt's grandma's house and knew we'd be interested in looking through them. 

The colors that were used to print these old books were so cool! 
I love the reds and greens and yellows. The fonts. The simple-ness of it all. 

And oh my goodness -- who knew there was an entire cookbook devoted to Jell-O!?

 And an entire cookbook devoted to recipes with honey :)

I pulled this gem out of the bunch and just KNEW that it had to find a home in our kitchen...'s an old-school Ball Ready Reference Chart and I just love how it looks.

I will never have an excuse for not knowing how many pounds of squash it takes to make 16-20 quarts of canned squash (40 pounds of squash, in case you care to know).

 I picked up a white frame at Target (during my weekly diaper run with the kids) for $2.99.

 Obviously there are no pre-made 6 3/4 inch x 9 1/4 inch frames out there, so I bought an 8x10 and attached the chart to a piece of green card stock I had laying around. 

I tested the final piece out in a few places in our kitchen...
On an open shelf by my mixing bowls... (those are Matt's dilly beans on the right side!)

On a window ledge, appropriately near some antique Ball canning jars...

And on another open shelf in our kitchen, near the cookbooks and vintage scale.

Knowing me, I'll probably move it around a couple dozen times before I decide where I like it.

Please leave a comment below and let me know which spot you like best (if you care)!

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