Thursday, October 2, 2014


My friend Stephanie hosted September Crafty Club two weeks ago. She chose a cute & easy wreath that will look good on all of our homes'  front doors for the Fall season :)

This lovely sign welcomed us near her front door...

A table full of sweet craftiness...

Tucking burlap ribbon into the slats of the metal wreath...

So many rolls...

The main part of the wreath finished...

Janine and Sarah...

I then added a chevron bow to the wreath (with the help of Stephanie because
I'm lacking in bow-tying talent)...

I then added a letter B and hung it on our front door...

See that blob of paint on the right hand side of the door? That's one of my my next
project -- painting the front door a bright color. Fun stuff.

This is what you need to make this wreath:

Box wire wreath form (whatever size you like)

6" wide roll of burlap
Tuck the burlap in and out of the wire slots to make 'poofs'

Decorative roll of burlap (also 6") to make the bow

Wooden monogrammed letter (whatever letter you prefer)

And floral wire to attach the letter to the wreath wherever you'd like 
(I hung mine because that's where I thought it looked the best)


To see another wreath craft our Crafty Club did, click here: A sleek wreath


  1. cute! and once again, I wish I was part of your craft chicks circle :)