Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's finally hanging up!

Wayyyyyy back in March of this year, a few weeks before Chloe was born, the ladies in my Crafty Club surprised me with a really cool Wall Alphabet craft. I arrived at my friend Sarah's house expecting to do an Easter-themed craft, and voila! The ladies had secretly planned to make this alphabet instead & give it to me as a baby gift :)

In March, decorating the letters during Crafty Club...

Fast forward almost 6 months and we FINALLY have it hanging up in Chloe's room!! 

There are various reasons why it took me so long to get it on the wall: 1) The ladies had a hard time getting all of the letters to stay fastened together. Sarah and Joy hot-glued the letters together prior to dropping it off at our house & it broke into various pieces when it arrived.  2) I had planned to reinforce it with hot glue and hang it up in the nursery before the baby arrived, but Chloe came two weeks earlier than expected! and 3) I'm a professional procrastinator. It took me this long to just sit down and get it done

When I finally sat down a couple of weeks ago to work on it I found that using overlapping sheets of clear contact paper on the back + hot gluing the living heck out of it was the best way to secure it.

First I placed the letters onto clear contact paper...

Then I applied a BOATLOAD of hot glue in any spot where it 
wouldn't be too noticeable...

Once the glue was set and dried I flipped the whole thing over and x-acto
knifed away the most noticeable (and structurally unimportant) parts of the contact paper...

I then secured floral wire around some of the letters and attached a hanging wire on the back.

Here are some photos of the final project, hanging above Chloe's crib:

 Each of the letters were decorated amongst the seven of us...

And a couple photos of some of the other art in her room...

        Thank you Sarah, Joy, Andi, Janine, Erin and Stephanie for the nice addition to Chloe's room!!