Friday, March 21, 2014

An alphabet surprise!

My friend Sarah hosted this month's Crafty Club on Tuesday evening. I had sent out the invitation a few weeks ago to all of the "crafty ladies" as I call them. Sarah was planning to show us how to make the craft below - painted birds on top of jars. Perfect for storing jelly beans for the upcoming Easter:

Little did I know....Sarah had secretly planned a totally different craft (behind my back, you sneaky woman) and all of the ladies knew about it beforehand. She picked out a craft that will soon be hanging in our baby #2's nursery!

I got to Sarah's house about 10 minutes late the night of the craft (because Liam pooped in the bathtub and I felt guilty leaving Matt to clean up the mess all by himself) so all of the crafty ladies were already there when I arrived and had a little "surprise" for me :)

Sarah had hung up some pink & blue balloons and had a beautiful bouquet of pink & blue flowers for me to take home. And then she unveiled the real craft that we were going to be making.

Here's the craft that we ended up REALLY doing:

Sarah found the idea on Pinterest.
The plan is to hang it in the nursery above baby #2's crib.
I just LOVE that there's a little "I love you" hidden within the alphabet.

The theme of the nursery is owls & nature (we left it the same from when it was Liam's room). The color scheme is chocolate brown, aqua and green. Here are a few quick photos of the nursery, so you can get a feel for the vibe:

Instead of painting all of the cardboard letters white, Sarah bought various paints and craft papers to decorate them with. She picked out brown, green and blue papers and paints, which should go nicely with the colors in the room.

Between the seven of us ladies we painted and decorated all TWENTY SIX letters of the alphabet within a couple of hours.

As the letters were finished we laid them out to dry.

Here are the pink and blue flowers that Sarah surprised me with :)

And everyone else had wine. Lots of wine.

And flipping delicious peanut buttery bars.
Oh how I could have eaten the entire pan by myself...

Here are all of the letters complete. Obviously they're not laid out & glued together
properly yet. Sarah and I decided it'd be easier to just bring the stack of letters over to
my house and we'll glue them all together here. I'm excited to see it hanging on the wall
when it's all done, which I will share with you soon :)

I feel so blessed to have the friends that I've made in this good 'ol town of Sheboygan. Kind, loving girlfriends who I can always count on to make me smile! Thank you Sarah and ladies for being so cool :)

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