Sunday, March 16, 2014

Things that made me smile this week

Liam had a fever for half of the week (poor kiddo). We ventured out a few quick times (to the library, to TJ Maxx and to his toddler art class), but the rest of the time was spent at home resting and watching kid movies. His Nana visited for a couple of days too, so that allowed me some time to run errands on my own. 

Here's a quick little post about things that made me smile this past week, despite having a sick child. All photos were taken via my iPhone.

As you can see, Liam and Matt pretty much account for 90% of the smiles generated in my life:

Last Sunday Liam went "big boy" sledding for the first time at my mom's house.
(socks over his mittens is the only way we could keep the darn things on!)

And squeezed through a snow tunnel.

He insisted on eating breakfast in his new hat. 

And helped me "vacuum" the living room.

My loving hubby brought me home some bright flowers, just because.

Liam LOVED his art class again this week. Here he is, 
creating different textures on his painting using combs.

See this brownish/barfy green stuff peeking out behind the white stuff?
It's something called GRASS!! I haven't seen this in a very long time. 
Hopefully someday very soon it will turn green :)

We actually got outside for a walk because the temperature was 
above freezing! We strolled on down to the winter farmers' market.

The sun was shining into our windows! Simple as that.

Liam picked out some really good books from the library this time.
These are my top 3 out of the ones we brought home.

I invested in my first pair of Toms :)
Now the snow just needs to go away so I can wear them.

And the biggest smile of the week was....
Liam started sleeping in his new big boy room and big boy bed! No more crib for him!
He has slept overnight and taken naps successfully in his twin bed for five days already!
Here he is, laying next to his deer friend.

And here's my belly (that big 'ol grey & black polka dot thing you see below) next to Liam.
To think that baby #2 and Liam are sleeping right next to each other in this photo and neither of
them know it is pretty cool to me. I have high hopes that someday, when baby #2 is out of the womb, that they'll be able to rest next to each other this peacefully again :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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