Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Feeling mappy, again

Liam's new "big boy" room is going to have a world/map/travel/transportation vibe to it...if we ever get it done!

This past Saturday we added two coats of white paint to all of the crown moldings, floor trim and doors. With our house being over 100 years old I feel you can never have too many coats of paint on the walls & doors & trim (because I know there's lead paint buried under there somewhere).

The first crafty project I completed for his room can be found here: Feeling Mappy
The second crafty project we've been working on for his room is this giant world map:

We bought an already-laminated map at Office Max and some thin foam sheets at Home Depot. We glued the map onto the foam using a spray adhesive (it didn't work so well, but we're just gonna go with it).

Then Matt made a lovely frame out of some primed trim we bought at Home Depot a few years ago. We'll add a coat of fresh white paint to this as well:
Please ignore all of the junk in the background. This is my messy art room in our basement.

I bought some map pins at Hobby Lobby so we can place a pin everywhere Liam travels :)

I'm excited to show you the finished product once we get it all put together. It will be hung somewhere in his soon-to-be room...which is also a work in progress....


  1. cute! What a fun idea! Perhaps Liam and his brother/sister can take a road trip to Logan Utah for a pin :) I love Liam's big map letters! so fun!

    1. Yes, we'll need to take that trip some day :)