Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ye olde stamp collection

I finished another small little crafty project for Liam's future "big boy" room. As I've mentioned before, his room is going to have a map/world/travel-y vibe to it.

I was looking through an old bin of childhood stuff that my mom dropped off at our house a while back. I found my old stamp collection from when I was in elementary school. Yes, I collected stamps. Yes, it's a bit dorky. But I bet I can find numerous other people out there (you know who you are!) who also collected stamps in the late 80s/early 90s. And for the record - if you still do collect stamps I think it's totally cool, not dorky :) 

Anyways...I found a page of state stamps. I'm not sure where I got all of these from? But I had somehow collected stamps from 18 different states. I love them because they're all so different and the colors give them a 'retro' feel.

Instead of storing them away in a bin in our basement again I thought to myself "why don't I frame these cute little guys and hang it in Liam's new bedroom." It definitely goes with the theme AND someday when Liam understands what stamps are, he'll have a piece of my childhood to look at as well :)

Here they are....

Aren't the colors kind of cool?

I fixed them to a thick gray piece of scrapbooking paper using foam squares. It gives them a little lift from the page.
And then I put the finished product into a white shadowbox that I found in our basement (I bought it at Michael's a few years ago). 

Thanks for letting me share.... :)

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