Sunday, June 9, 2013

Oldies, but goodies

I put the television on this morning for a brief time while folding laundry in the living room. It helps keep Liam occupied if I'm really trying to get something done. And Mr. Roger's Neighborhood happened to be on PBS!! Not Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (thank God, because that song gets in my head and it takes a day to get it out). Good old 1980's Mr. Roger's Neighborhood was on! 

I remember sitting on my parents' shag yellow carpeting in their living room, watching Mr. R on the tiny black & white antenna TV. I was also probably wearing Strawberry Shortcake pajamas and eating a Pop Tart.

Here Liam is, watching the old-school version on a flat-screen TV. Sitting on non-shag carpeting. I wonder if 25 years from now he'll look at this photo and be like "ha ha...look at me sitting in front of that weird TV thing." 

Anyways...seeing this "vintage" show on TV got me thinking about all of the things we have in our house that are vintage-y. We've accumulated quite a few quirky and nostalgic items over the years, so I thought I'd share some of them with you. 

Our house decorating style is definitely a breed of it's own. We don't like just new or just old or just contemporary things. We actually like a combination of everything! I like funky, artsy colorful things. And Matt likes old, rustic, new and mid century things. So that's what we have in our home. 

We have some vintage things in each room -- but I thought I'd just start with one room for today. So here are some cool vintage pieces we currently have in our KITCHEN:

Funky little figurines we found at Matt's grandma's home. The pig is a little creepy,
but we love, love the little squirrel!

Vintage Japanese snack tray. I've used this as a candy tray and also a nut tray.

Bright orange mushroom salt & pepper shakers! We use them every day.

Little Japanese coffee cups. I've found all of these at thrift stores over the years.
They're great when guests just want a small dose of coffee.

Matt's mom stitched this a long time ago. So I guess that makes it vintage? His
family was going to get rid of it and I said "No, I want it for our kitchen!" I love
the little round hook at the top.
Oh my gosh, I've had this forever. I found it at a thrift store a LONG time ago.
I used it as a candle holder for many years. Now I have it displayed on a shelf in
our kitchen. I love the brown/green/navy blue together.

We own quite a few vintage cookbooks. This is my favorite one: The Settlement
Cookbook. The hilariousness of it is that it says "The Way To A Man's Heart."
Ummm...yeaahhhh...because women know that cooking is the only way...

We love these bowls. The colors are so classic & funky.
These were Matt's grandpa & grandmas.
(Becky, Jenna & can still wrestle us for them if you want!!)

Vintage mini-pot. I have to put a plant in it yet.

We bought these chairs at a thrift store when we lived in Florida. I used them
in my art studio for a year. Now they're around our round kitchen table.
Someday we'll refinish them...but for now they just look old.

Vintage Way Rite scale. And it still works. We found this at
Matt's grandma's house & we're glad we can keep it in the family :)

I'll post other oldies, but goodies this coming week.

What are your favorite vintage things? I'd love the hear!


  1. what a fun post. We have a few things around our house too. This post made me look at them and appreciate them again. We have an old mustache cup from Mike's Grandma, a cool plant shelf thing from my grandma, and awesome old window with a bird painting in it from our local market, a hand stitched patchwork quilt made my either my Great Grandma or my Great Great Grandma, and old barn door (that was falling off an old barn) that we painted, to name a few. I wish I could post pictures...I bet you would like them. It was fun to take a second to be thankful for the lovely treasure that make me happy. I think so often I don't notice them anymore from just being around them so was a nice reminder. Thanks!

    1. When we visit, some day, you can do show and tell!