Monday, June 10, 2013

So Sheboygan...

We moved to the great city of Sheboygan almost four years ago.

The longer we live here, the more we discover things that we love about this gem on the lake.

Yes, I hear from family and friends quite often "did you hear 'this' bad thing or 'that' bad thing on the News about Sheboygan?" Or "did you hear about the crazy thing that happened in Sheboygan" blah blah blah...

But I'm pretty sure every town has some not-so-positive things about it. And we choose to focus on the positives about this the amazing waterfront, the cute little shops sporadically placed around the city, some amazing restaurants and watering holes, beautiful parks and a top-notch arts center. There are a lot of little quirks that make it, what Matt and I call,  "so Sheboygan."

Over the last few years, here are some things that Matt and I have decided as being "so Sheboygan:"

Brats  the food kind, not the misbehaving kids kind

Bars this city has 50,000 residents and about 150 bars

Bad drivers drivers' education even a requirement in this town?

Parks and gardens it seems like everywhere you go there's a park or garden in sight

Freshwater surfing and SUP-ing it's one of few places you can freshwater surf in the world

4th of July at the beach I swear the entire city is on the beach this day

Pizza parlors there is just about every kind of pizza joint imaginable in this town

and after this weekend, I'd like to add something to our list...

High School Graduation at Vollrath Park

Here's a panoramic of Sheboygan's South & North High Schools' graduation from this past Sunday:

I just think this is SO cool! The graduation takes place at Vollrath Park in the "bowl." The North High graduates sit on the north side of the center of the bowl (in blue) and the South High graduates sit to the south (in red). Then all of their family members and friends sit on the grassy hills that surround the bowl. What a unique event. And it's only a few blocks from our home!  It's just so Sheboygan :)


Things that made me smile last week:

I walked along the lake with Liam and it looked like the Caribbean

We discovered that Liam likes polenta, rhubarb and black beans

My mother-in-law and I watched TV and played on our iPads after Liam went to bed

We got Matt's grandpa's antique work bench set up in our garage

Sat by a campfire at our neighbors house - we are blessed to have such great neighbors

The three of us kicked Liam's new bouncy ball around in our yard

Congratulated my cousin on her high school graduation


  1. Shhhhhh.... Shebergers is the best kept secret this side of the Rio Grande. All that fluff about "Did you hear blah, blah, blah...about what happened in Sheboygan"? Just a smokescreen put up by SSABCCCM (Secret Society of Ancient Bratwurst, Chair, Cheese and Children Makers) who scheme at the Bavarian Club to keep outsiders from discovering the secret.

  2. I love Sheboygan...I always say that is where i would like to move if we moved back to Wisconsin! That looks like an awesome graduation! So cool!