Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Out for a stroll

I've been obsessed with walking by Lake Michigan lately. We live only a few blocks away. So at least once, sometimes twice (and sometimes even three times a day) Liam and I walk down to the lake, or we'll walk along the top of the bluffs and stare down at the sparkling water.
It is just so peaceful. So serene. So calming. I forget about everything when I breathe in the breezy lake air. And Liam just stares at the lapping waves. He's mesmerized by the colors, the sounds and the smells. I hope that he someday appreciates nature as much as much as Matt and I do. I think it's important to try and instill it upon him now, at a young age.
I found this poem online, written by Teresa Reck, that pretty much sums up how I feel about the water lately:
Such is this peaceful scene
water flowing gently on by
I smile at my reflection
gazing up at a clear blue sky

Soothing ripples all around
dance on the waters surface
rustling trees in the distance
take me to a higher place

Gazing into the water
I ponder on all my dreams
feeling the sun upon my back
the rays hit the water and gleam

This is the perfect place
to while away the hours
icy coolness of the water
inbetween the april showers 

Out for a stroll on our "secret beach"

Liam loving the water

I took this photo yesterday up on the bluffs.
Does this look like the Caribbean or what?

Things that made me smile last week:

We helped my brother and his wife celebrate their 7 year wedding anniversary

I took a nap with Liam by my side (a special treat for both of us)

I got together with my "N 6th St" girlfriends and had lots of laughs

Matt and I pressure washed our teak furniture set & it looks brand new

I relaxed with some great friends - spa night :)

We celebrated a friends 30th birthday, and met some new friends during

Liam and I read library books outside on our deck, in the sunshine


  1. I miss lakes SO SO SO much! How nice for you to live so close! You are such a cute Mom! Liem is a lucky guy!

    1. You are surrounded by beautiful mountains!!!! Does that make up for the lack of lakes?

  2. barely :) I think I would get "homesick" for the mountains if we ever moved away and, dare I say, I may even miss all the Winter sun (although I doubt it...I am just a cozy cloudy, snowy, rainy girl, but you never know) I often get homesick for Wisconsin in the Summer because of the water, trees, thunderstorms, all day rains,etc.. You three always have a place to stay if you want a little mountain fix! We would love to have you here!