Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lemon grass

Liam and I walk to our local ReStore every couple of weeks. It's only a few blocks from our home. Liam LOVES looking at all of the things as we walk through the aisles.

In case you're unfamiliar with what ReStore is -- it's run by Habitat For Humanity and people donate used or unused home-type goods and materials. The store is always filled with goodies, and at excellent prices :) The store is a maze of wooden doors, used appliances, retro office furniture, ugly ceiling fans, cabinetry, mismatched tiles, etc.

Matt and I have donated a few things to our local store (kitchen cabinets and ceramic tiles) and we've also bought some things there (a sweet window seat that's currently being used as storage in our garage, a cool wooden box that we store firewood in, and a couple of other little doodads).

I bought this old black magazine rack a couple of weeks ago. I'm not big into decorating with the color black, but I saw potential when I spotted this. And it was only $5:

Hello weird ol' eighties-ish magazine rack...
I picked up a can of bright-colored spray paint and went to town on it...

Rust-Oleum in "Lemon Grass"

Two coats
I'm not exactly sure where I want to use it yet. And as I've shared with you before, I'm a bit of a magazine junkie, so I could really use it in ANY room in the house! But it will probably end up in our kitchen, living room or downstairs bathroom.

It's next to our couch for now

The lemon grass color matches well with my new LOVE pillow in our living room :)

And here's a quick show-and-tell from this week's Crafty Club. My friend Andi hosted craft night this past Monday and we worked on two paper-crafting projects:

We each stamped & put together six happy birthday cards

And we each made a bouquet of paper flowers


Things that made me smile these past two weeks:

Liam used a ton of words today: clock, kitty, dog, mama, ball

We hung out with Matt's cousin and her fiancé at their new place

Liam was amazed by the mice, lizards and fish at the pet store

I got some new running/walking shoes, which = happy feet!

I picked weeds and watered our garden in the sunshine

Matt and I had date night - we went to an outdoor private concert at a friends home

We had dinner on our porch with Matt's parents for Father's Day

I went to Crafty Club and enjoyed talking with my girlfriends

Liam and I had a sleepover at my mom's house :)

Liam ran around my grandma's yard, giggling like a giggle monster

I made home-made play dough for Liam and he loved it

We watched a movie once Liam was in bed - something we haven't done in a while

We walked down to the harbor and checked out the names on the boats

Sang happy birthday to Matt's grandma who is turning NINETY SIX this week!

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