Sunday, May 19, 2013

Glass and goop

I recently started a craft club with some of my girlfriends in Sheboygan. The purpose of the club is for us to be able to get away from our homes (and our chaotic lives) once a month and do something crafty and creative! 

On one Monday each month one of us will host the club at our house. The host decides what craft to do, buys the materials and then instructs the craft. We also have drinks and dessert (both are mandatory of course).

I hosted the first official craft night two weeks ago and I think it was a success! We enjoyed crafting and talking, and had some drinks and dessert.

I decided that we would create glass garden flowers using recycled glass plates, saucers, cups, dishes and candleholders. My mother-in-law's friend had given her a glass garden flower as a gift a while back. Her friend had found the idea on Pinterest. As soon as I saw her flower I thought to myself "I need to make some of those!" I just thought it was so cool. And then my mother-in-law surprised me with one for Mother's Day, so I had a sample to show the girls before we started making them.

Here's how we did the craft:

I went to two local thrift stores and picked out inexpensive plates,
saucers, etc. to use as the flower parts.

It was fun playing around with the variety of different colors,
textures and patterns of plates and cups. 

This one is a combination of an old flowery china plate, a vintage plate, a
candle tray and a porcelain teacup.

Wine bottles and beer bottles were used as the stems of the flowers. But first I had
to soak them so I could get the paper labels off.

Here are the clean bottles, drying.

I displayed all of the plates & cups I found on our dining room table
so the ladies could pick out what pieces they wanted to use.

We used 'Amazing Goop', a clear contact adhesive and sealant made
specifically for gluing glass. It's also weatherproof, which is very important.
I found the glue at Hobby Lobby in the glue section.

The morning after craft night.... still drying on my kitchen table...

Here's the one that my mother in law gave me as a gift for Mothers Day.

Here's a large one that I made during craft club.

Here's a small one that I made during craft club.

Things that made me smile last week:

I hosted craft club at our house :)

I enjoyed sitting for two hours getting my hair colored and cut - it was like a mini vacation!

Liam ate cereal with a spoon, out of a bowl, all by himself

I got a bunch of perennials planted in our front yard

Liam wasn't feeling well, which sucks, but we snuggled a lot, which was nice

We helped paint five rooms in Matt's grandma & grandpa's house

We hung out with all of our awesome neighbors


Have a peaceful week everyone!


  1. awesome! I would love to come to your craft club! What a fun idea!

  2. Thanks! If you lived in Wisco you would have been invited :)