Monday, May 20, 2013

Yard work = hard work

Our neighbors' chicken.
It followed me around our yard while I planted flowers the other day :)
We've been spending lots of time in our yard, now that the weather's become more pleasant! There's a never-ending list of things we can do in our yard at any given time. 

Our front yard is almost all landscaping, filled with huge hydrangea bushes, shrubs, trees and a variety of perennials (crocus, tulips, bleeding heart, iris, daylilly, daffodils, decorative grasses, hosta, etc). I also plant annuals amongst the perennials once the weather is for sure going to stay warm. 

One side of our home is also landscaped with large shrubs and more perennials. Then there's a huge landscaped area between our deck and yard, and more landscaping that runs along the entire length of our backyard fence. And along an entire side of our garage. We also have a garden planted along the other side of our garage. Phew!

All of this landscaping + perennials + annuals = much to do! We're always trying to keep up with the raking and pruning and trimming and stick collecting. 

It's really therapeutic to me though. It's a great sense of accomplishment when you clean up a section of your yard and it looks good :) 

When Liam is napping it gives me an opportunity to get outside in the fresh air and just zone out. Plus I get a ton of exercise doing it, and Liam LOVES being outside. He either sits in his stroller and watches us do the yard work, or he'll walk around/sit on the ground and play with leaves, sticks and dirt. 

A few more photos I took of flowers growing in our yard right now:

Front walkway leading up to our house

In front of our chimney

I planted our garden last night. I planted mini pumpkins, which I think Liam will get a kick out of when Fall arrives :) I also planted lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini and we'll be planting a ton of tomatoes once we get the plants. We buy our tomato plants from our neighbor, Jane, because she does such a great job at getting them started. 

As much as I'd love to plant more things in the garden, we've decided to just get the rest at our wonderful farmers market every week. Our farmers market is open on Wednesdays AND Saturdays each week, so it's really easy to just run there with Liam and pick out some fresh veggies.

Our garden. Brown for now. But before you know it,
 it will be full of green yummies!
This is where we'll be getting out tomato plants from --
our neighbor's green house!
I use rocks (that we picked up ourselves from the beach) as garden markers.
I write on them with black Sharpie markers.

 Did you plant a garden this year? What did you plant?


  1. I love your yard! We built a 8x4 raised garden bed this year for Finnegan...he loves gardening. We let him pick out whatever he wanted (5 strawberry plants, 2 pumpkin, and 1 watermelon :)). I love all your flowers! This year we are adding things to our front yard that don't 8 cu/yds of dirt (to make mounds), a rock wall, rock stepping stones,'s going to look 10 years!
    I wish I could just come over and hang out with you in your yard!

  2. Thank you :) It's sweet that Finnegan into gardening at such a young age. I hope that his garden thrives and that he learns a lot in the process. And I agree that perennials are the way to go! I'd love to see your front yard when it's all done.