Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring is (kind of) here

Spring is (kind of) here! I don't want to jinx it and say that Spring is full-on here, because this is what our weather forecast looks like after today:

I know Spring means rain showers and still-chilly nights. But after a loooonnnggg Winter, we're just craving ONE crazy warm day! A day where the sun shines bright, a warm breeze blows through the trees, and we can open our windows and hear the birds chirping.

But until then...we wait patiently...and enjoy what we have been given. Sunshine! Today it is sunny outside! And 49 degrees is really not that bad (for Spring in Wisconsin).

Here are some signs. Some signs that Spring is (kind of) here:

It was sunny enough this morning to take Liam to the park
All smiles on this sunshiny day
Still bundled up, but no need to wear a winter jacket or mittens
There are green plants popping up in our flowerbeds!!!
Gnomeo is really happy about this.
All of the snow has finally melted! Our favorite sledding hill is no longer white.
Spring welcome mats are now in place of Winter ones :)
And the trees reach for the sunshine

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