Sunday, April 14, 2013

The writing on the wall

There are so many creative projects that I need to start on and/or finish these days. Here's a photo list of a few of the current projects I'm working on, or need to begin!

I'm working on creating a collage wall above our computer desk. Normally I would have attempted to make all of these items myself (paint old frames white, have Matt make the shelf, find a mirror at a thrift store and repaint the frame, etc), but I found everything in this photo at Hobby Lobby! And it was all 40% off, so it ended up being pretty inexpensive. I still have to put a photo of Liam in the photo frame and tack some cool things to the fabric bulletin board. I look forward to changing the saying on the little chalkboard :)
"I woke up this morning, smiled at the rising sun"

The plan is to paint this birdhouse and then hang it in the tree that stands next to my dad's gravestone. This was my mom's idea, and a great one it is :)

This is a giant metal fork. Our local Fresh Meals On Wheels program has asked local artists to decorate a fork that will be displayed throughout Sheboygan during the month of May. Then in June they will be  on display at the Christopher Farm & Gardens during a June-A-Palooza event which will raise money in support of Fresh Meals On Wheels. My options for decorating this thing are am I going to make up my mind? Should I put a giant meatball on top? Should I make it frilly and flowery? Ideas are welcome!

Matt and I are going to make a growth chart for Liam. One of these days we will get to it. We bought the piece of wood! And Matt sanded it so it's nice and smooth and ready to be primed. I think we're going to make it look like a giant ruler. If you type "homemade growth chart" into the search engine on Pinterest, the giant ruler kind seems to be what's popular now.

Matt and I are planning to make something special for our mom's for Mother's Day this year. But we can't tell you what it is because I know both moms will probably be looking at this blog post!
It's a secret...

Well, hopefully I'll get started on some of these projects soon. I will definitely share the end results on my blog :)


Things that made me smile this week:

Snuggled/napped with Liam early in the morning

I accomplished putting five loads of laundry away

I dropped off a hot meal to a neighbor who just had a baby

I enjoyed a date night with Matt (we went to a concert)

I crawled into bed and read a People magazine (by myself!)

Matt and I made homemade mango cream puffs to take to our Gourmet Club

Liam smiled & enjoyed the art as we walked through the Arts Center

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