Monday, April 22, 2013

Mother Earth

Autumn in Wisconsin

I love, love, love our Earth. 

I love the look of grand trees reaching towards the sky, the colors of a rainbow after a rainstorm, flowers in their shades of purple and yellow and pink, clear lake water sparkling in the sunshine, squirrels scurrying through the grass, corn stalks swaying in the warm summer wind, tomatoes glistening on their vines, lightning shooting through the sky on a stormy night.

I love the smell of gardenias in the hot sun, the smell of ocean salt and fish, fresh spring air flowing through our windows and into our home, the green smell of ripened squash and cucumbers in our garden.

I love the feel of grass tickling my feet as I walk through our yard, the cold snowflakes as they melt on my face, the juice of a fresh summer strawberry running down my chin.

I love the earthy taste of spinach, sweet taste of fresh picked summer raspberries, bitter taste of kohlrabi, hearty taste of potatoes, unique taste of avocados.

I love the way the Earth makes me feel. Nothing else makes me feel as energized, as peaceful and as relaxed as when it's just me and Mother Earth. Walking through the woods at our cabin. Walking along the lapping waves of Lake Michigan. Walking on a beach in the Caribbean. Laying on our porch listening to the birds chirp. 

There is nothing like our Earth.

We need to protect her, respect her, love her. Cherish her. Enjoy her. Give back anything and everything we take from her. 

Happy Earth Day everyone!

Things that made me smile last week:

We cleaned a bit of our garage while enjoying the 55 degree weather

Liam walked up and down our driveway 4 times all by himself!

Our neighbor left some delicious locally grown lettuce on our doorstep

We got good news from our cats' veterinarian - Marlee is healing and getting better

We took Liam swimming and he LOVED being dunked underneath the water

We enjoyed some local maple syrup

We got our bedroom organized a bit


  1. I cannot wait to get up North to the cabin and hunt down some wild asparagus.