Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lot of corks

When Matt and I moved back to Wisconsin a few years ago we started writing on wine corks after we'd finish a bottle. We'd get a Sharpie marker and write the date and the occasion for which we were drinking wine. Occasions such as a great meal we were eating, or an anniversary we were celebrating, or the friends we enjoyed the bottle of wine with.

Fast forward a few years and we have an entire large, glass vase filled with these corks!

I feel blessed that we've been able to enjoy this many bottles of wine together, with great meals and great friends & family. But I'm afraid it also may indicate that we've consumed a bit too much wine!

It was really enjoyable to look through these corks today and see what we've written on them. Here are a few of my favorites:
I'm pretty sure this is the first one we wrote on.
Celebrating our new home back in Wisconsin.
Celebrating our 3-year wedding anniversary in 2010.
A friend visiting from Florida. 
Friends visiting from Oregon.
Enjoying Matt's delicious homemade risotto.
This is probably too much information, but I think this may have been the night that we conceived Liam.
Thank you Mr. Robert Mondavi!!
Not much wine was consumed during this time :)

Our first bottle of champagne after Liam was born.
Self explanatory.
Enjoying a tenderloin.
Some of our favorite wines. I'm glad we saved the corks :)
An assortment of wine and champagne bottles consumed
on numerous New Years Eves.

Does anyone else keep their wine corks? What interesting things have you done with them? Any arts or crafts projects?

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