Thursday, January 17, 2013

Little pieces

When Christmas rolls around every year I look forward to wrapping and decorating gifts for family and friends. About a month before Christmas I go out and buy new paper, new bows, new ribbons and tags. It gets expensive and I feel guilty for buying paper that's just going to end up in a landfill after the holidays anyways.

For the last few years I've thought to myself "I should really try green wrapping next year."By "green" I mean using household items that are laying around as my wrapping paper, ribbons and tags. I could use newspapers, comic strips and magazines for the paper. Old leftover ribbons, thread and buttons for decoration. And homemade tags using pieces of Christmas cards from the year before. Then I could finish the gifts with spray glitter, paint and stickers that are sitting in my crafting boxes.

The idea sounds fun, economical and green to me, but I highly doubt that I will actually do this next Christmas! You know how it have every intention of baking cookies, putting up more lights than the year before and hand writing Christmas cards...but it's hard to find time to do it all.

So I did something ahead of time to help me with my "green" wrapping next Christmas. Liam and I sorted through our stack of received cards this week. About half would have ended up in our paper recycling bin, and the other half (the photo cards) I save in hopes of looking (laughing) at them in the future. But instead of half of them ending up in the recycling bin, here they are:

I chopped them up into little pieces! Little gift tag sized pieces. And I placed them in a plastic bag and put it with our Christmas decorations.

So next year, even though my gifts may not be wrapped in newspaper and adorned with buttons, they will for SURE have recycled tags on them!

It's a start...

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