Monday, January 14, 2013

Daily smiles

Okay...I'm having a hard time keeping up with this blog. My plan was to post 1-2 times per week. But I am just so busy with Liam these days! He is crawling all over the place, climbing the stairs, eating like a champ, chattering, making faces, laughing and such. Basically, if there's a choice between snuggling with our little peanut or writing my blog, Liam has the trump card. 

But with a new year comes new goals. And one of my goals is to actually post to this blog 1-2 times per week! As much as I love spending all of my time with Liam, I also need to do some things for myself. And adding to this blog is something I enjoy, even if no one is reading it. It's a release for me. A way to get my thoughts on paper (well...on screen). 

I've decided to start a 'daily smile' journal. I feel so fortunate to live within the life I have. A wonderful husband and son, great families, two loving kitties, a warm and comfortable home, food in our fridge, fresh water to drink and take a bath in, a dependable car. And it's the small things, the things that make me smile every day, that are just as important. 

I want to make sure I acknowledge what makes me happy each day. So, as part of my blogging goal, I'm going to post my list of 'daily smiles' at the end of each week. 

So, here's my first list of 'Daily Smiles':

had pizza and watched the Rose Bowl with Matt's parents, my niece & my nephew

got a pedicure (thank you, mom, for the gift card)

Liam's first airplane ride

dipped Liam's toes in the ocean for the first time

watched the Packers beat the Minnesota Vikings

enjoyed sushi with great friends

Matt supported me through something tough

got home from Florida - our kitties were so happy to see us

went for a nice, cold walk with Liam around our neighborhood

made some new friends at a church meeting

 Liam and I picked out a gift for my nephew for his birthday

 had a fun time at my brother's house

enjoyed Matt's yummy homemade bread

Liam's first trip to Florida


  1. yeah! I am excited to read your blog 1-2 times a week :) I check every helps me feel closer to the friends I do not get to live by.

    Hope your trip to Florida was nice! Did you get to visit some of your friends down there? What a perfect time of the year to go get a shot of warmth. (and you look super adorable!)

    Lots of hugs from Utah!

  2. Hi Kate! I'm glad you read this. I'm not sure if anyone else does :P I hope things are well for you and your family. Stay warm!