Monday, May 11, 2015


My friend Erin is pregnant and expecting her third baby girl soon. So the Crafty Club ladies and I decided to 'surprise' her with homemade baby/mama gifts at our last Crafty Club night! My friend Sarah who hosted last month's festivities still planned a regular craft for us to do (see the last photo) but then we surprised Erin with pink food & drinks and our homemade gifts :)

There were lots of things I wanted to make for her, but most of them involved sewing. And sewing isn't an option for me right now because a) I lack skills in the sewing department and b) it would have taken me forever just to sew one straight line. So I wanted to make something that was pretty, quite simple and didn't involve sawing or sewing anything!

I perused Pinterest and decided to make some girly headbands for the new baby. There are a ton of DIY headband ideas out there. I looked at hundreds of ideas, went and bought some supplies and then 'winged it' as I went along. I made three of them. Here they are:

Here's a list of supplies I used between the 3 of them:
Scissors, pencil
A hot glue gun + glue sticks
1 pink & 1 green 9x12in sheet of felt
Assortment of buttons
Grey stretchy cotton fabric
Pink ruffle trim

Here's the first one I made. I used felt/ruffle ribbon/button/elastic band:

The underside of these are going to be up against a precious little baby's noggin, 
so I fastened a soft circle of felt on each one.

Here's the second one. 
I used the grey stretchy fabric to make the band/aqua gauzy fabric/both colors of ruffle trim:

And the third one. I used buttons/both colors of felt/elastic band:

I hope Erin and future Baby E enjoy these :)

Here are a few photos of the pink food we all brought along & surprised her with:

And this is the craft we did that evening. Sarah printed photos of our children (which we sent to her via email ahead of time) onto fabric. We then embroidered colorful accents on them (like a bow tie or hair bow or flower). Mine are not finished yet, but I'll share some photos once I'm done.

I'd love to make more of these headbands. I'm planning on making some for Chloe when I find the time. If you're interested in one, two, or all three of these, send me a message & make me an offer :)


  1. I LOVE the kids photos with embroidery! So cool! and the headbands are adorable. Are you the pregnant Erin?!? I hope you guys are happy and doing well!

    1. It is not me that's pregnant, that's for SURE! I hope you are all doing well too and enjoying, hopefully, some warmer weather?

  2. secretly I am a little bummed…I would love to hold another little Bremser baby next time we are back in WI! Cute cute idea for your friend though!

    1. Let us know when you plan to be here this summer, assuming you'll be visiting :)